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Scotland and Russia. History and the best national team players

2019, October 10, Russia and Scotland will meet in a football match at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow. Both teams are strong, so the match is intriguing. For Russian football players this match will be decisive. In case of victory, the Russian team can be considered one foot in the Euro Championship. Football players prepare for the game very carefully. Attack and defense strategies have been tested hundreds of times. Who will fight in this battle? Perhaps, it will be possible to answer exactly this question only after the end of the game.

Team Russia

The tactics of the game of the Russian team are no rush and rash moves. The guys play well, plus the match will take place on their territory. As you know, the Russians most often won precisely at home.

The team suffers some losses in terms of players. Seven players dropped out of the cage of the team, and these are quite significant changes in the composition. Oblyakova, Chalova, Pesyakova, Shunin, Sorokin, Mirzov and Chernov in the game Russia-Scotland fans will not see.

There is good news, Yuri Zhirkov returned to the team. The football player, who in 2008 was recognized as the best football player in Russia, will be able to play a decisive role in the match. Yuri is a very talented universal player. During his career, he visited almost all positions. He was an attacker, left and right midfielder, right and left defender. Zhirkov always laid out on the field in full, regardless of whether he plays in training or at the World Cup. He has a good dribbling and jerk, the guy has a high speed and loves to play on the “edge”. Like all fast-running football players, Zhirkov often gets kicks in the legs.

Cherkessov - career in the national team

In late summer 2016, Stanislav Cherkesov was appointed head coach of the Russian national team. An outstanding goalkeeper and coach has vast experience in football. He has been involved in this sport since childhood. At the age of 18 he played for the team Ordzhonikidze (Vladikavkaz) Spakrtak.

Having risen to the post of national team coach, Cherkessov became the subject of media discussion. A mass of discontented critics appeared, ready to express their “fi” on the Internet and in print media. Cherkesov has little interest in evil languages. However, Yuri understood what a serious responsibility he had. It was not easy to get the team out of the swamp of defeats. Grand victories over Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Then the victory thundered, in a penalty shootout, over Spain. In the 2018 World Cup season, the slogan “You are just space, Stas!” Appeared in the circles of football fans, which fans often screamed from the stands during the match. The recognition of the public added to Cherkesov even more confidence in himself and in his team.

Scotland team

Scotland is a team whose game was first registered in the distant 1872. Unfortunately, despite the experience of the players and the ability to play beautiful multi-steps, the Scots have not reached the World Cup and Euro finals for almost 20 years.

The teams of Scotland and Russia have one similarity, these teams play well at home and get lost when they participate in the away match. Fans of Scotland prayed in social networks, asking the players to collect all their strength to defeat Russia.

Best players

The team leader is Captain E. Robertson. He plays for Scotland for a long time and brought the team 2 goals, having played in 20 matches. Andrew is also a master of assists, this season there were already five of them.

Scotland has a pretty strong midfield. R. Fraser scored three goals and made six assists. Not bad for a 24 year old player.

Is it worth it to delve into the analysis of winning bets when both teams are equally strong. We will observe how the game itself will go and how the players will be configured. Team spirit, fan support and courage can play a key role for each team.


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