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Sergey Zhukov. I’ll leave the stage when I can’t dance to “My Baby”

The soloist of the famous band Hands Up told the press that he was not going to leave the scene in the near future. The idol of the 90s is already 42 years old, but he still cheerfully tours the world, performs at corporate parties and private parties. To the question of journalists what could be the reason for going on a well-deserved rest, the singer jokingly answered: “That's when I will no longer have the strength to dance on stage to the song“ My Baby ”, then you can think about leaving”.

Fans such an answer, no doubt pleased. Indeed, in addition to hits of the 90s, the singer constantly pleases pop fans with new works. Zhukov makes new clips for old songs and writes fresh hits. Sergey sings a duet with other performers. For example, not so long ago a song was recorded with S. Mikhailov, Our Children.

The second reason the soloist is ready to leave the stage is his family: “If the children or the wife tell me that they lack my attention because of the constant concerts and tours, then without hesitation I will make a choice in favor of my family and leave the scene. "

21 years old babe

In 2019, the hit "My Baby" turns 21 years old. At the same time, the song is still very popular with both the older and younger generations. You can hear this work at graduation parties and parties. It was this hit that brought the group and Zhukov himself popularity, raising it to the top of the hit parades on the crest of fame.

Fans were literally ready to carry the soloist in their arms. Hundreds of broken hearts, squeals and screams of girls in love at the concert, millions of bouquets, soft toys and personal belongings of fans thrown onto the stage. At the same time, during his career, the soloist has never been seen in discrediting relationships. Zhukov remained and remains devoted to his wife, despite the millions of fans who are ready for anything, in order to meet the star.

Faithful husband and a good family man

Regina, Sergey’s wife, always and in every way supports her spouse. Together they opened a business, the management of which fell on his wife. The singer says that due to lack of time, the spouse took on the main role in managing the restaurant. He can only help with advice.

Confectionery restaurant "Love and Sweets" is engaged in the production of healthy pastries. All products used for cakes and pastries are completely safe for health and shape. Recently, the family decided to add healthy food to its assortment. The guys decided that many people before the dessert prefer to eat something more serious, so it was decided to re-qualify the confectionery in the format “Food. Love and Sweets. "

The Zhukov family has three children. Sergei often says in interviews that he is delighted with his wife, who manages to raise children and run a serious business. Regina even manages to cook goodies at home herself, using the recipes of the confectioners of her restaurant. Sergei, with a smile, recalls the charlotte that his mother prepared for him in childhood.

“It was the most delicious dessert for me. I don’t know what recipe Mom was cooking, maybe there was just a secret ingredient called “mother’s love”. “How many times have my wife and I tried to cook this seemingly simple pie, such as my mother’s never got.”

My home is my castle

Buying a house in the country, Sergei wanted to protect himself and his loved ones from the ubiquitous paparazzi. “No matter how famous you are and how much you owe to your audience, you have the right to privacy. And you, and your wife, and your children. The country house has become a real fortress for the family. This is a place where it is always quiet and calm, where you want to return after a tour and a hard day's work. You can call relatives, friends, or even gather an entire party here. Here I feel comfortable and peaceful, ”says Sergey Zhukov.

More than 20 years have passed since the release of the first album, but tickets for concerts “Hands up” are as difficult to buy as in the 90s. Sergei Zhukov collects full halls and stadiums to this day. Every year there are more and more admirers of “Hands Up” creativity.

In October 2019, “Hands Up” will give two concerts in Crocus City, and at the end of the same month the group will visit St. Petersburg.


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