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Sergey Polunin and the story of his scandalous tattoo

"Bad boy of the classic genre." This is what modern critics say about Sergey. Bright and extraordinary, he always knows how to hook his audience, never tire of surprising his tricks again and again. A ballet actor, leading a completely non-classical way of life, prescribed by the templates of theatrical scenes, is known to the whole world not only for his performances, but also for shocking tricks. What are only Polunin's tattoos worth? The grandiose performance of Sergei Polunin in Moscow in 2019 in the Satori show will allow you to learn many secrets of the dancer's biography. Only here are the secrets of some tattoos and remain unsolved by the millions of people.

The first tattoo and how you had to defend your own opinion for it

Even as a 19-year-old youth, Polunin believed that tattoos were a great opportunity for self-expression. However, having made his first tattoo, the actor came across negative condemnations of the Coven Garden leadership.

Almost the entire staff of the theater condemned the trick of the young Polunin. After all, can a ballet dancer “mutilate” his body with tattoos? Sergei, however, remained with his opinion, and after a while he made another tattoo, and then another ... and more.
In addition to tattoos, the dancer also has scars that were deliberately inflicted by Sergei himself. At the moment, there are about 20 tattoos on Polunin's body. And each time, before the performance, make-up artists have to work hard to disguise this whole “gallery”.

Tricky move, hype or something more

The tattoo with the image of Vladimir Putin, which Polunin made right on the eve of the presidential elections in the Russian Federation, struck away even the most devoted fans of the artist. They even talked about Polunin's secret affection for Putin. Sergei himself explained this by saying that he simply wanted to protect the president from attacks and evil languages. The place for drawing a portrait was determined for a reason. Putin’s image is located directly above the actor’s heart and is always covered with the Save and Save crucifix.

Polunin said that they refused to do this tattoo in several salons. As a result, I had to beat her with gypsies. People free from prejudice and political knights easily fulfilled the order of a charismatic dancer.

What role this tattoo actually plays is known only to its owner. Only one thing is clear that as soon as the media became aware of this fact, the dancer immediately received Russian citizenship.

“I saw in Putin’s actions sincerity, kindness and light, when I was still small, and I see it now. I will always protect Vladimir with my energy and love. ” Such an answer was given on social networks by the actor, regarding the significance of the portrait on his chest.
If you want to see live on the skill of this actor, then you have an amazing opportunity to do it in 2019. Buy tickets for Sergey Polunin and enjoy the magnificent production of the Satori show.


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