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Russian national football team. Players, victories, defeats

Since 1912, the Russian team has been part of FIFA, and since 1954 in UEFA. The national team represents our country at international football tournaments. During its existence, the team four times participated in the World Championships and five times in EURO. In 2008, Russian players took 3rd place in the EURO championship, sharing bronze with Turkey.

Sergey Ignashevich - 128 matches

The brightest player in the history of the team, a graduate of Torpedo, Moscow, began his career in professional football since 1999. From 2000 to 2002 he played for Lokomotiv. In the last season, Sergei was part of the coaching group of the Youth CSK. He led the young team to a gold medal in the championship of the backup of Russia. Today Ignashevich has been appointed head coach of Tropede, the club where he began his career as a football player.

Playing for the Russian national team, Sergey made a huge contribution to the achievements of the team. During his career in the team, the guy played in 128 matches, for which he went down in the history of the national team, like the football player who played the most matches.

Alexander Kerzhakov - 30 goals for the Russian team

At the beginning of his career, he played for the Svetogorets team, led by V. Kozchenok. In 2000, according to the publication "Sports Forum", Alexander was recognized as the best striker. 13 goals scored by Kerzhakov in 16 matches of the 2000 season brought the KFK Championship to Svetogorts. After such a triumphant victory, by the end of the year the guy was invited to Zenit. Already in the summer of 2001, Kerzhakov scored his first goal in this team. Alexandra was immediately taken to the main team of Zenit, the guy is on the list of the best Russian players. Since 2002, a 19-year-old footballer played for the Russian national team. In the history of the national team, Kerzhakov is recognized as the best striker who scored 30 opposing teams.

Captain Artem Dziuba

The footballer gets into the Russian national team of the youth team in 2009. He plays nine games in it, scoring 4 goals. At the beginning of 2011, he received a call to the second national team, and already in the fall he played in the main national team of Russia. In the 2014/15 World Cup season, he scored 6 goals for Spartak. In the 15th year, Dziuba broke O. Salenko’s record for the number of goals scored in one cycle, making eight goals for opponents, increasing the previous record by three goals. Artyom is included in the Russian national team at the World Cup.

In the match with Saudi Arabia, replaced F. Smolov in the 70th minute and immediately scored a goal to the opponents. At this moment, the head coach from the rostrum made an approving gesture towards Dziuba in the form of a military greeting. Now Alexander uses this gesture every time he scores another goal. At the 2018 World Cup, Dziuba scores three goals and makes two assists, thanks to which the ball ends up in the opponent’s goal.

Dziuba says that every goal scored is important not only for him, but for the whole of Russia. Therefore, a military gesture means nothing more than devotion to the motherland - I serve Russia.

Euro 2020, victories and defeats of the Russian team

The first match of the qualifying round was scheduled with Belgium, the Russians failed to beat such a powerful rival. By the way, the return match Russia-Belgium will be held in November. Russian fans in St. Petersburg will be able to watch the game live.

Next was a victory over the team of Kazakhstan. The Russians beat the opponent with a score of 4: 0. Then followed the most productive match in the history of the team. The guys beat San Marino scoring 9 goals “dry”. In a duel with Cyrus, Russia literally snatches the victory out of the hands of the opposing team (score 1: 0).

The main secret of the Russian team is a simple game without complicated schemes, spectacular multi-steps and troubles. To date, our team has every chance to get to EURO 2020.


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