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Ruslan Bely or Mr. Evil

White's humor is bright and direct. Not everyone is ready to hear sharp jokes about themselves and their city. But humor, after all, exists for that, so that everyone can learn to laugh not only at others, but also at himself. At the concerts of the white, there were embarrassments when the audience did not accept the heavy artillery of Ruslan's jokes.

One of these scandals occurred in Bashkiria. Ruslan “threw” a few jokes about the Bashkir language, and then boldly joked at the expense of Yulaev, calling him a bandit. Residents raised a real uprising against the comedian and all the gum, demanding from the White apology for disrespectful attitude to Bashkiria. Soon a complaint was received by the prosecutor. With the accusation of a humorist in provocative actions, inciting hostility of nations. Nearly 450 people signed a petition asking them to stop broadcasting TNT programs in Bashkiria.

In addition to the indigenous inhabitants of Bashkiria, Moscow Bashkirs were indignant. A letter addressed to the director of the TNT channel expressed public indignation and called for an end to the outrage of black humor broadcast in Stand Up.

However, with official statements, the case did not end. Soon, real showdown began on the part of the hot Bashkir guys from the Tarkhun team. The guys appointed a “shooter” to Mr. Evil, but he refused to participate in the conversation personally, transferring these powers to his leadership. "Tarkhunovtsy" put forward to the producer Bely certain requirements that had to be completed before the end of April 2018. What were these requirements, and remained behind the scenes. Given the fact that, to date, the incident has been settled and this topic is closed, the teams were able to agree, without bringing the matter to a serious showdown.

Ruslan himself refused any interviews about this situation. Having just said that they were just jokes and if someone had joked in a similar way against him, he would not have accepted this as an insult.

Ruslan Bely and Julia Akhmetova. A couple or just colleagues

On many humorous programs, the artist works in tandem with Y. Akhmetova. Of course, the media suggested that comedians might have a relationship. Bely does not deny that he spends a lot of time in Julia. They are often found on the set and on the road. However, he describes their relationship only as friendly. “Julia is a good friend, it’s easy and fun to have time with her. She is ready to help at any moment. I will discount friendship with this person and do not want to spoil it with a love affair. ”

Data on the personal life of a comedian is not known to anyone. As the comedian himself says, he has very little free time to build relationships. He is not going to start a family soon.

Plans for the near future

In an interview, Ruslan said that, like any modern person, he dreams of prosperity and prosperity. Now his main goal is to buy a good car, preferably the latest model of the brand BMW or Audi. He does not plan to change his status as a bachelor in the next five years. Although, he added that no one can know when Cupid shoots you.

One of the concerts of the White Channel in Moscow will be held in September 2019. If you are ready to hear Mr. Evil’s sharp humor and laugh heartily not only at fictional characters and about yourself, then feel free to buy tickets for this event. The evening ceases to be boring when Ruslan Bely is on stage.


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