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Russia-Belgium. The battle for Euro 2020 is in full swing

The first match of the qualifying round by the Russians was lost with a score of 1: 3. The Belgians went around ours, although Russia had a slight privilege (several Belgian players were injured).

The Russian team did not get into the elite group Euro 2020, as it did not take first place in the League of the nation. The struggle for the championship of the continents began in March. And right away our guys are set to play against the Belgian team (World Cup bronze medalist). The opponent is strong and powerful, the first place in the FIFA ranking speaks for itself. Our guys on this list take only 50th place. The gap is huge and the victory of Belgium fans prophesied even before the match.

In addition, the Russians had to play visiting their opponent, no matter what, at home, at their stadium, the outcome of the fight could be completely different. This time, the Belgians will pay a return visit and fight with the Russians on their territory.

Red Devils. 36 years without defeat

The Belgian team has beaten Russia since the days of the USSR. The last victory of the Russians over the Belgians was recorded back in 1986. Then, at a meeting in Mexico, the Soviet Union team played four matches with Belgium, and won in all. In the 1/8 finals of the championship of that year, ours lost to their rivals, losing 3–4. After that match, a series of the defeat of Russia before Belgium continues to this day.

Opponent won despite injuries

The composition of the Belgian national team has changed significantly since the last meeting with the Russians. M. Fellaini, M. Dembele, as well as T. Meunier left the team. Several players in the center line of the team were injured, and just before the match, the best striker R. Lukaku was injured.

However, there were teams that were able to defeat even such a strong opponent as Belgium. Since the fall of 2018, the Belgians have lost two matches. The main thing the Red Devils consider failure is a defeat in the battle with Switzerland, which closed the way for Belgium to the final of the League of Nations.

Even taking into account numerous injuries, the opponent remained strong. The Russians themselves said that this fact will not make it easier for us at the match. The Devils still have strong players: D. Mertens, J. Tielemans, Azars, J. Vertonghen and goalkeeper T. Curtois.

Significant losses of the Russian team

The Russians also suffered losses, this was not at all good for the team. The first injured was R. Zobnin. At the Premier League match, the guy broke his right arm. Due to numerous injuries, I.Kutepov left the team last fall. Next went A. Golovin. Goalkeeper A. Lunev also experienced health problems. However, there is good news - Y. Zhirkov returned to the national team.

Russian fans do not lose hope

Given all the above facts, our players were not in the best position before the tournament. Therefore, nobody was particularly surprised at the defeat from Belgium. Now the fans of Russia will see the match Russia-Belgium in St. Petersburg. All fans hope that in their home environment the players will feel more bold. The Belgians did not have to wait long for the return visit. Already on November 16, Russia-Belgium will meet on the field of the Gazprom Arena stadium in St. Petersburg.


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