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Russia for the metal!

Speaking of Metallica, as one of the most successful metal bands in the history of heavy musical direction, it is worthwhile to stop and tell separately about the visits of the famous musical group to our country.

"Broom" on the ruins of the USSR

The first arrival of the popular American group happened in September 1991, and it was unbelievable for those times. After all, this happened when the Soviet Union stood on the threshold of its collapse, the iron curtain collapsed and, of course, now, after many years, the attitude to this process and events of that time is different and sometimes ambiguous, but in those 90s, years it was still a time of change. Changes not only in the minds and lives of many people, but also tastes and musical preferences changed.

Therefore, as part of the world tour, Monsters of Rock together with Metallica that year also came and performed in front of a crowd of thousands of fans - The Black Crowes, Pantera and AC / DC. Warmed up fans, before the performance of the guests, the Soviet group EST. Prior to this, musicians performed in six countries and the festival ended with a final concert in Moscow. This concert was incredibly massive, more than half a million people gathered to listen to the “monsters of rock” performance on the Tushino field, according to some estimates, there were more than a million viewers. As he later recalled, in his interview with Lars Ulrich - he had never seen so many people and was amazed.

The next time, fans from Russia could see their idols only sixteen years later, when in 2007 a really long-awaited concert took place in Moscow, which took place on July 18 and also went full sold out, gathering a crowd of thousands of fans. A year after the Moscow concert, in 2008, Metallica arrived in Russia again. This time the band performed in St. Petersburg.

The next Metallica visit to our country took place in spring 2010. On April 24, the musicians played a concert at the Olimpiisky Sports Center, which certainly pleased their loyal fans. The performance took place as part of the World Magnetic tour.

2015 also became a memorable year for fans of the popular group, as the musicians performed twice. On August 25, Metallica could be heard in St. Petersburg, and two days later, on August 27, they performed at the Olympic Sports Complex in Moscow.


We are waiting for a visit

The question whether Metallica will arrive in Russia in 2017 was also discussed for several months and was thrilled by the fans of the group, but at the last moment the visit of the monsters was canceled, as Russia was not included in the list of countries of the European tour of the group.

Now numerous Russian fans of Metallica have moved all their aspirations to a meeting with musicians for 2019 and literally froze in anticipation of a new visit of their favorite band to Russia, which is already scheduled for July 2019. And if we take into account the experience of previous years and Metallica concerts in Russia, then of course, it’s better to take care of the tickets in advance, as Metallica arrives to us all as easily collects full stadiums, offering its fans an unforgettable quality show and vivid impressions, being one of The most recognizable and popular groups in our country.


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