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Ramazotti ripped off a concert

Quite often, popular performers, and even world stars, provoke various scandals themselves in order to remind themselves of a satiated audience.
But why is the Italian singer Eros Ramazotti, whose personal life has never been exhibited.

But the trouble does not go alone, and if the musicians are not drawn into the whirlpool of creative scandals, then financial showdowns come.

So in 2016 Ramazotti was charged for disrupting concerts planned in Russia on April 2 and 3 during the Perfetto world tour, the organizers demanded a significant amount of forfeit, which according to various sources could vary from 100 to ...

However, representatives of the singer said that the receiving party was to blame and refuse, forcing the organizers to fulfill their obligations. Representatives from Russia, as usual, insisted on the contrary.

An official statement came from Maurizio Salvadori, who represented Trident Music, the organizer of the tour. In the stated text, which was again mentioned violation of the contract by the concert organizer from Russia - Global Communications LLC, led by a certain A.N. Agapov. If it’s more detailed, then, according to Ramazotti’s representatives, the Russian side simply more than once delayed funds that were supposed to compensate the singer’s expenses for organizing the concert, but he doesn’t perform for free. Attempts to revise the payment deadlines and a long wait did not bring any result - no money arrived, as a result of the forced cancellation of concerts. The CROCUS CITY HALL side, according to the spokeswoman for the hall, was also notified by the singer and hoped for an early resolution of the issue, but a miracle did not happen.

The first person of Global Communications A. Agapov leaves the situation without comment, the lawyer “speaks” for him, who insists that they have not received official messages about the cancellation of concerts and assures that the company fulfills its obligations in full, threatening the court if Ramazotti does not speak . They also assure that the singer through representatives received money from promoters.

Be that as it may, the concerts were canceled, and the Russian side sued Eros Ramazotti. However, the director A. Agapov, suing, with a compensation amount of more than 120 million rubles, is in no hurry to show a copy of the contract.
Later, the RU-CONCERT Foundation for the Preservation of Russian Culture stood up for the Italian singer, publishing a material in which he also accused promoter Agapov of violating financial agreements, hinting at his dishonesty and great debts.


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