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Placido Domingo and Marta Ornelas — Love Long

Bright brunette with dark eyes and an incredibly charming piercing look. The temperamental Spaniard could conquer any woman with just one look. These usually do not get married for a long time, swimming in the attention of the fair sex and changing partners like gloves. Add to all this a velvety, bewitching voice and get a full portrait of a ladies man.

It so happened that the singer’s repertoire has always been matched by his charming appearance: knights, lovers and seducers. It is quite difficult to believe that washing away the makeup and leaving the stage of the theater, this womanizer turns into a modest man and an exemplary family man.

First failed marriage

Fate turned out that the king of the opera tied the knot pretty early. At the age of 16, the singer marries pianist Anna Maria Gerra. The marriage lasted only a few months. However, even in this short period of time, the couple managed to get a baby. Plácido Domingo became a father. The boy was named Jose, he was very similar to his father.

Second, happy marriage

Five years later, at the age of 21, Domingo is getting married again, now with young opera singer Marte Ornelas. The girl performed soprano parts, studied at the conservatory and worked tirelessly over her career. Having married a young and promising tenor, Marta decided to stay in the shadow of her husband, devoting herself to her family.

It was not so easy to win the girl’s hand and heart. The Ornelas family was not enthusiastic about the cute groom constantly singing serenades under the windows of their daughter. Martha's parents were looking for a completely different husband for the girl: successful and wealthy, and the windy youngster, who lived one day, was not in the plans at all.

What did Marta’s father not do to tear the couple in love. He even called the police several times, citing the fact that the singer in love did not let the whole district sleep. Today, the singer recalls with a smile that the police never interrupted his part and always allowed him to play it to the end.

The indefatigable Placido steadfastly withstood all the trials and did not recede from his goal, continuing to care for Martha. In 1962, the head of the Ornelas family surrendered and blessed the lovers for marriage.

Behind every successful man is his wise wife

Spouse Placido Domingo is a real keeper of the family hearth. Martha always and in everything to this day supports her husband. Almost immediately after the wedding, the young left for Israel. There, Placido worked as a soloist in the opera house, and Marta tried to protect her husband from all the little things. Periodically, they performed together, but still the girl devoted most of her time to family and everyday life.

The year 1965 brought their firstborn to the lovers. The immense love for her husband prompted Marta to name her first son in honor of her husband. Three years later, the second son Alvaro is born in the Domingo family, named after the main character of the opera “Force of Fate” D. Verde.

The singer says the following about his relationship with his wife: “It's not for nothing that I have been seeking it for so long. Martha is a woman who is always ready to listen, with whom it is easy to find a compromise, she was never jealous of the stage and the army of millions of fans. This woman is ready to be my lawyer and bodyguard, if necessary. ”

For all its attractiveness and celebrity, Placido never gave cause for jealousy, claiming that he fell in love once and for life. Today, Placido Domingo already has a grandson and two granddaughters. For 54 years of family life, this family has not had a single serious scandal. These relationships are proof that strong family ties are more to the credit of women.


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