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Powerful Children of bodom

How many metal bands can be called that from the very first albums broke into the lead and attracted huge steady interest and crowds of fans? Their units! Let me introduce one of these groups - Children of bodom. Finnish musicians from the small town of Eppo are still hearing and tirelessly delight their fans with new concerts and albums. And in anticipation of the release of the next Hexed disc, it is interesting to know the opinion of the artists themselves with and without reason.

New material

According to bassist Henkk Seppälä, and to his surprise, the musicians received a lot of good reviews. According to him, they have not been waiting for any positive for a long time, since people tend to recall the old and the more solid the number of released albums, the more fans expect something outstanding. Therefore, they usually do not wait for a response, since they do everything at the most excellent level.

So, according to the new material, the group received approval at first from the media and critics, and later from fans. Although Henkka is not deceived, and says that some fans of the band may not like him at all, he emphasizes that Hexed is generally rated more positively than the previous Children of bodom albums.

Answering the question of whether he tracks reviews, Seppälä answered that this is not to be avoided in the modern media space, but he does not specifically monitor criticism.

Changes in the metal industry

Also in one of his interviews, Henkka Seppälä mentioned that, despite all the global changes in the metal industry that are taking place now, the proportion of metal groups from Finland, gathering stadiums and touring around the world, is quite large and the Finnish metal scene is strong and developing today.

About the changes in the metal industry almost echoes his bassist frontman Alexi Layho. But he is also somewhat upset that the music business is suffering slightly due to the development of the Internet and illegal downloading of music recordings.
Although he is not going to whine and advises everyone to take things as they are and earn live performances: "As long as you know how to perform, you won’t be lost even now." Stressing that Children of bodom has always been a concert group and still successfully tours. This, of course, confirms the upcoming arrival of Children of bodom in Russia as part of the Hexed world tour 2019.


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