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Match Russia-Scotland. What are the chances of the Russians

From the regulations of the tournament of teams it is known that two teams go to the finals. In fact, four rounds it can be predicted that the first ticket to Euro 2020 is almost in the hands of the Belgians. Three teams compete for the second. Today, Russian football players have the most chances. The main link in the chain of Russian victories should be the Russia-Scotland 2019 match. Having won this fight, ours will firmly gain a foothold in the place of honor of the tournament.

At the moment, Russia is in second place in the first group. The total number of points after already played four matches is 9. This is only three points less than the leading team. The Russia-Scotland match will take place on October 10, 2019 in Moscow, at the huge stadium in Luzhniki. And now almost all tickets have been sold to this event.

Bookmaker Predictions

We can say for sure that our play away is much worse than at home. This time the match will take place on our territory, so the odds for the victory of the Russians are much higher than the rates for Scotland. Undoubtedly, the support of the fans is important for the players, but the native football field and the stadium will give the guys even more confidence. The tactics of the game of our team were set skillfully and clearly, so the victory should be with Russia.

Given the fact that Russia climbed three lines in the FIFA table, we can say that the Russians have a great chance to win.

Dziuba comments on the upcoming match

Artyom Dziuba expressed his opinion about the team of rivals and made a preliminary forecast of the outcome of the duel between the Russians and the Chatelans. On one of the YouTube channels, Dziuba assured tennis player V. Kamelzon that Russia would beat Scotland right in the presence of E. Murray (two-time tennis champion).

Dziuba’s dialogue with Kamelson was of the following nature. The ex-tennis player said that, having won, we will defeat not only Chatland, but also Andy personally, because he is a fan of the Scottish national team. To the question of Komelzon, whether Dziuba can guarantee victory over the Chateletes, Artem answered: "Yes, at home, and we will try to visit."

Why Luzhniki

According to A. Koloskov (RFU President), the qualifying rounds for the Euro 2020 Championship are distributed according to the criteria of the 2018 World Cup. Based on the practice of the year before last, one can be sure that Luzhniki will be filled to capacity. Koloskov is sure that the masts of Scotland-Russia will be interesting to the public and not only ardent football fans, but also amateurs of large-scale events will come to this battle. Therefore, it was decided to hold Russia-Scotland football at the country's largest stadium.


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