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Match Russia - Kazakhstan

Preparation for the European Football Championship is in full swing! The whole year from March 2019 to March 2020, there will be a qualifying tournament, during which 24 national teams will be determined. They will enter the final tournament ЧЕ2020.

The upcoming qualifying tournament is closely associated with the League of Nations, which provides an additional opportunity to participate in the final championship. A total of 55 teams in the qualification. And this is the first time since 1976, none of the participating teams have an automatic right to participate in the final tournament of the European Championship, as the host country. So this championship may well be considered unique.

Russia Kazakhstan

The qualifying football match Russia - Kazakhstan will be held on September 9 in Kaliningrad (Kaliningrad Stadium). By the way, the match Kazakhstan - Russia took place in March. Then our team won with a score of 0: 4.

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Team Russia and Kazakhstan

Team Russia was able to surprise everyone at the World Cup. Perhaps this time, after exhausting preparations, the team will reach the end, leaving no chances to the opponents. By all indications, the September match Russia - Kazakhstan promises to be boring. Still would! Real professionals will gather on the field. Key players of the Russian national team today: Dziuba, Cheryshev, Miranchuk brothers.

Artem Dzyuba is a striker at the St. Petersburg Zenith and captain of the Russian national team. Champion of Russia, twice winner of the Cup and Super Cup of Russia. He also participated in the Russian Football Championship in 2016 and in the World Cup in 2018.

Denis Cheryshev - the extreme midfielder of the Russian national team and the Spanish club Valencia, as well as Honored Master of Sports of Russia since 2018. The second Russian winner of the Champions League 15-16 years and the Europa League 13-14 years.

Anton and Alexey Miranchuk - are midfielders of the Russian national team and Lokomotiv Moscow. Brothers Russian champions in the 2017-2018 season of football and honored master of sports since 2018. In addition, Anton is three times winner of the Cup of Russia, and Alexey is the winner of the Russian Super Cup 19 years.

Our rivals, the national team of Kazakhstan, gathered no less valuable players: Baurzhan, Merkel, Murtazaev, Khizhnichenko and others. Judge for yourself by examining the brief information about the players.

Islamkhan Baurzhan is the captain of the national team of Kazakhstan and the club Kairat, playing in the team as a midfielder. 4 times was the vice-champion of Kazakhstan and the winner of the Cup of the country.

Alexander Merkel is a midfielder of the national team of Kazakhstan and Heracles Netherlands. Champion of Italy 2010-2011, silver in the Italian Championship 2011-2012.

Roman Murtazaev - striker of Astana and the national football team of Kazakhstan, twice champion of Kazakhstan, winner of the Cup and Super Cup of Kazakhstan, bronze in the championship of Kazakhstan in 2016, finalist of the Super Cup of Kazakhstan.

Sergey Khizhnichenko is also the striker of the national team of Kazakhstan and the team of Astana. Sergey received the title of "Discovery of the Year" in 2009 and is included in the list of the 22 best footballers. The best player of Kazakhstan in 2011.

Watch football Russia - Kazakhstan can not only online. Do not miss the truly entertaining game! Come to the match and enjoy the event live!


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