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Lara Fabian will sing on the anniversary of Igor Krutoy

What can connect the Russian composer and performer Igor Krutoy and the popular singer Lara Fabian - of course, the great power of creativity and long-standing friendship.

Igor Krutoy has been working and friendship with Lara for quite some time, back in 2010 he produced the musical film Mademoiselle Zhivago, in which Lara played a major role. Cool, according to the contract, wrote music for the film and was struck by the singer, her inimitable voice and creative charisma. The musical film includes 11 movie novels. One of them is called “Winter Bouquet”, where the popular performer crossed with another star, but already of Ukrainian pop pop - Max Barsky, who, according to the script, played the role of her lover. In general, this is an exciting story of a short and tragic love that has endured the hardships of war, a Frenchwoman and a young Russian soldier. In the picture, magnificent voices sound against the backdrop of Parisian scenery of the 40s. What you can see by watching the movie.

Lara was delighted with such a fruitful cooperation, from Igor Krutoy and director Alan Badoev, and she called Barsky, the best of the actors who played with her in each of the eleven short stories, for his sensitivity and openness, the ability to enter the image and confidently play his part .

Since then, Fabian has become the muse of the Russian composer Igor Krutoy. It is said that for the sake of Lara, Igor Krutoy learned French - to communicate with her not only in the language of music. According to the composer, Fabian is the woman who sings about love the best in the world. And, as Krutoy emphasizes, even during rehearsals, in an empty hall, without spectators, she not only sings, but lives over and over again each song, laying out one hundred percent. Therefore, it is not surprising that at his upcoming anniversary concert in November, Lara Fabian was announced among the invited guests, who would not only congratulate the birthday man, but also perform a song for him. It remains only to guess what kind of piece of music will sound from the lips of Fabian, because in a rather big arsenal of hits, there are many worthy songs. However, fans of the singer will be able to enjoy her presence and live performance. The presence of Lara Fabian at a concert in Moscow, tickets for which it is better to get time in advance, is not only a kind of gift to the famous hero of the day, but also a big surprise to fans of the singer, who will be many in the concert hall.


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