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Yusif Eyvazov about relations with Anna Netrebko

The relationship of star couples has always been interesting to the public, especially when it comes to world-famous celebrities. Anna Netrebko and Yusif Eyvazov have been together for five years. An opera couple often performs in a duet, it is almost impossible to attend their concerts, tickets for Anna Netrebko and Yusif Eyvazov are dismantled before the appearance of posters. The couple does not hide their relationship from fans and willingly shares all the stages of their development, from dating to marriage registration. In one of the famous magazines, Yu. Eyvazov gave an interview in which he talked about how he first saw Anna, how he was afraid to approach and speak on personal topics, how he courted the diva.

Fateful meeting on the stage of the Roman Opera

The singer with a smile recalls the day when he saw Anna. It was in the spring of 2014 in Rome. Eyvazov was happy that he, then a little-known guy from Baku, had the opportunity to sing a duet with such a star. However, after meeting Anna, he realized that she was not only the best opera singer in the world, but also a magnificent, beautiful woman.
“Of course, I would not dare to look after Anna if I had not seen sympathy on her part,” says Yusif. For almost half a year the lovers met informally, although the whole environment saw that these two had long been no longer just partners in opera parties. In the fall of 2014, Netrebko personally announced their relationship at an evening dedicated to the anniversary of E. Obraztsova.

The media immediately appeared comments on this statement. Many argued that this was a thoughtful step by Eyvazov - a relationship that would ensure him celebrity and career growth. Regarding Netrebko, it was said that she entered into this relationship in order to get rid of loneliness and in order to dull the memories of failed previous ones. But such conversations did not last long. Already after the performance of the part, Andre Chantier, the evil tongues subsided, realizing that Eyvazov was a talented performer himself.

The woman who made me stronger

Yusif does not deny that it was thanks to Anna that he became stronger and more confident. Beloved woman always believed in his talent, shared experience and, at the right moments, gave practical advice. Netrebko is six years older than Eyvazov, which is probably why no one believed in the sincerity of their relationship at first.

To love means to understand each other perfectly

Eyvazov says that in their family for five years there has not been a single serious scandal. They immediately realized that they were made for each other. Common interests, the same sense of humor, common goals and one love for two.

In 2015, the star couple decided to legitimize their relationship. The wedding was magnificent and luxurious, celebrity guests, a banquet in an old castle, a carriage. The wedding was attended by the king of the Russian stage, Philip Kirkorov. He sang the song Love Like a Dream, adding even more drama to an already romantic event.

The decisive moment in deciding on marriage for Anna was Yusif's good relationship with her son. The child was far from immediately able to trust his mother’s new boyfriend, but Eyvazov could find the right approach to the baby.

Anna and Yusif argue that for them there is nothing more important than family. Eyvazov recently said: “Well, how many years will we still be performing? Well, 10-15, sooner or later we will have to leave the stage. Therefore, it is very important to maintain a good relationship and not lose confidence in each other. Everything that we do now is done for our family and the future of our child”.


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