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Scorpions drummer arrested in Dubai

Scorpions over the years of their performances have never been distinguished by excessive scandalousness or antics with the defeat of equipment on stage.

But in 2014, the drummer of the famous German band clearly excelled.
James Kottak participated in the recording of the group's six albums and has been playing with Scorpions since 1996, joining the team when Herman Rarebell left the musicians.
James got into a scandalous story during a transit transfer at the Dubai airport, while flying from Moscow to Bahrain, planning to perform with Scorpions at the Formula 1 Grand Prix.

Having drunk the excess in the sky, and entangled in the passages of the building, and five glasses of wine still didn’t help anyone navigate in space, James showed his rocker bad temper, began to swear and insult, in his opinion, the narrow-minded Muslims.

Also, according to witnesses, Kottak, at the sight of passengers from Pakistan and Afghanistan, covered his nose and complained of a smell, claiming that he would not fly with them in the same cabin.

At the police station, the 51-year-old drummer and the leader of the KOTTAK solo project didn’t remember the insults, but didn’t open it much, admitting that he drank a little on the plane, and on charges of taking off his pants, he clarified that he did not plan to bare his buttocks, he just wanted to show those present a tattoo located on his back.

According to Gulf News, the musician also poured curses both at the airport, where he had to make a transfer, and the airline.

As a result, James Kottak was detained by law enforcement officers and taken to prison, where he spent a month, according to a court decision. However, the prosecutor's office insisted on a harsher sentence, believing that Kottak had committed a serious crime and should be detained for at least a year. Also, a fine was charged from a rock musician, amounting to 2 thousand dirhams or about 500 dollars, and after release they were expelled from the UAE.


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