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ZAZ, the singer in the style of French chanson
ZAZ (Isabel Geffroy) is a French singer, performs works in the style of French chanson, folk, jazz, pop songs. It is distinguished by a special manner of execution and an atypical voice - a cold with a delayed phonation.

ZAZ, the singer in the style of French chanson

ZAZ, the singer in the style of French chanson


Energy - ZAZ

Would you like to plunge into musical fireworks? Turn on the ZAZ. A rattling, vivid mixture of chanson, folk and jazz with the light charm of the variety song and melodic acoustic music and all this musical splendor harmoniously complements the hoarse, pleasant timbre, the voice of Isabel Geffroy.

France has always been rich in talented performers, remember at least Freel or Piaf, whose voices are so reminiscent of Isabelle's vocals. Today ZAZ is popular and famous, but it was not always so.

Childhood and youth

Parents Geffroy lived in a picturesque town, located at the confluence of two rivers. The mother of the French singer worked as a teacher, and her father held a position in EDF, a large power generating company. The girl was born on May 1 in 1980 and was named Isabel. She entered a music school, where she studied various musical disciplines for six years: choral singing, solfeggio, piano, violin and guitar.

When the young talent was nine, her parents parted. Later, in 1994, Isabelle and her mother went to Bordeaux. A year later she begins to sing, attending special courses, and is fond of martial arts, during the year engaged in kung fu.

When the future star was 15 years old, she changed her life dramatically. He leaves his mother and begins to live with his elder sister. At this time, the regular school does not add inspiration to ZAZ, she has problems with her studies, and after she is left for the second year, Isabel abandons the school altogether. But in 2000, thanks to a scholarship, which she appointed a regional council, ZAZ enters the modern music school in Bordeaux.

The beginning of the way

In 2001, Isabel finds herself as a singer in the blues music band Fifty Fingers. Then she sings in different ensembles of Angouleme, a small town north of Bordeaux, and also performs along with the jazz quintet.

In the resort town, Thanos Isabel is part of the pop orchestra of the Falling Star, which has been successfully touring for several years in the Basque Country and south of the Pyrenees.

In 2002, Zaz captured the Latin rhythms, she became a soloist of the musical team of Don Diego, playing Latin rock.

Curiously, the contract with the group was signed by Isabel Z, making his nickname ZAZ an effective and sonorous pseudonym. Participation in this team allowed to reveal the creative potential of the singer and hone his skills. Together with Don Diego, Isabel was able to participate in a multi-genre music festival held in Aunglem.

Paris is a springboard

In 2006, Isabel travels to the French capital. In Paris she sings in different bars, clubs and cabaret. So every evening, more than a year, she sang without the help of a microphone in the club Three hammers.

In Paris, Zaz tries to learn acting, but going to a theater studio soon becomes impossible because of the heavy workload and constant performances. Soon the wild schedule leaves no time for creativity and ZAZ leaves singing in bars and goes to the streets of Paris. The future star could be heard on the pavement of the Hill Square and in Montmartre.

Doomed to success

The ascent to success began with an announcement on the Internet. Composer and producer Kerrredin Soltani was looking for a performer with a hoarse voice. Isabel responded to the ad, and Soltani wrote for her the song Je veux, and also found a label and publisher.

But fortune braked events and ZAZ joined the rap group Le 4P. In 2007 and 2008 came out two joint clips - L'Aveyron and Rugby Amateur respectively.

In the middle of the spring of 2008, Isabelle works with rapper Milyaews, and by the end of the summer of the same year she participates in the contest project Le Tremplin Génération France Bleu / Réservoir. In the same period of time, ZAZ has been cooperating with the music group Sweet Air, with whom in November a joint concert is recorded.

In the winter of 2008, the singer visits Russia for the first time with performances, or rather the Far East, where, together with the pianist Julien Lifshitz, gives 13 concerts for two weeks.

The turning point in the career of the singer was 2009, when ZAZ became the finalist of the large French competition Le Tremplin Génération France Bleu / Réservoir. After the grand success for Isabel, all the doors were opened.

The victory in the contest of young performers made it possible to get five thousand euros for their own promotion, as well as a prospect to shoot a video for MTV and record an album. But before the first demo album, Isabel had to wait more than a year. Not accustomed to despond ZAZ again with a head goes into work and visits Russia.

Her concert tour is successfully starting in Vladivostok, then runs through Siberia and ends in Nizhny Novgorod. For Russian listeners, Isabel sings the songs of popular French performers Mireille Mathieu, Piaf, Brel, Aznavour, Dassin and Patricia Kaas, as well as songs from her new CD.

Then, for a month, Isabelle leaves with a tour to Egypt, and also performs in Morocco along with Latin American musicians. On this journey, the singer does not end. In the summer of 2009, Zaz performed in the framework of the Japanese festival Fuji-rock. Returning to France, she does not throw practice of street performances in Montmartre.

In 2010, shortly before the release of the debut album, the media praised the promising singer, calling her voice devilish. Released on the label Play On the first album of the singer, echoing the name with her pseudonym ZAZ, causes a furore in France and soon becomes golden. In addition to her own songs, the album includes several compositions by the famous songwriter Raphael, as well as the song by Edith Piaf - Dans Ma Rue. In the same year Isabelle Jeffrea concludes the contract with the tour organizer Caramba and Sony ATV. On the wave of popularity, the French singer becomes a participant in numerous radio and television programs.

The concert tour, in support of the album, is beautiful in France, the singer is listening to a growing number of people and the army of dedicated fans is growing rapidly. Then ZAZ performs in Canada, Switzerland, sings in Berlin and Milan. In total for six months the singer gives not less than 70 concerts. At the end of autumn, the debut album becomes twice platinum.

Favorite of the public

As a result of a grandiose success, Isabelle becomes the nominee of the Constantine Prize and with nine of the same young performers who received this prestigious award, sings at the Elysee Palace.

In the future awards and prestigious awards fell on the singer, as if from a cornucopia: the prize "Song-opening" of the Charles Charles Academy, the European award as a successful French performer outside the country. She wins in various ratings and becomes the most popular singer of the year.

In 2011, the channel France-3 and the magazine Pari-Match were named ZAZ Artist of the Year, and according to the version of the TF1 television channel the single Je Veux was declared the favorite French song of 2010. In 2011, a live album, Sans tsu tsou, was recorded. Also Zaz received an invitation from the music company Les Enfoirés, with whom she subsequently performed on the same stage.

In 2013, the fans appreciated the second album of the singer - Recto Verso. In it, music somewhat fades into the background and the singer pays more attention to the texts. In general, the album turned out to be very energetic, in the cheerful, original style so characteristic of ZAZ.

In 2014, the singer gave her fans another studio album, Paris. This album is a collection of different songs about Paris. The third album Isabel recorded with the famous producer, 27 Grammy winner, Quincy Jones.

The ZAZ concert is always an amazing adventure. And everyone who has ever been to Zaz in Moscow, will not forget the frenzied energy and enveloping the husky voice of the singer. All her albums are beautiful and open up something new in the listener, you only need to include the hits Je veux and Le long de la route, or, even better, buy tickets for Zaz, when will her tour in Moscow. In the meantime, you can watch clips on the songs on the Internet or evaluate photos from past concerts, and to know ZAZ it's even better to read the translation of songs in Russian. After all, many of them she wrote herself.

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