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Within Temptation - symphonic metal band
Within Temptation is a symphonic metal band from the Netherlands.

Within Temptation - symphonic metal band

Within Temptation - symphonic metal band

Within Temptation

Within Temptation - New Rising Star

Within Temptation, a symphonic metal band, is a shining example of the world metal music. 

The band was founded in 1996. In addition to the founding members, guitarist Robert Westerholt (previously performed in The Circle band) and vocalist Sharon den Adel, the group included bassist Jeroen van Veen and second guitarist MichielPapenhove (also former members of The Circle). MartijnWesterholt was on the keyboard, and Dennis Leeflang on drums. Dennis was later replaced by Ivar de Graaf. It so happened that Robert Westerholt and Sharon den Adel eventually formed not only a new band, but a new family, as well.

 The musicians signed to DSFA Records and began working on their debut album, "Enter", which let them have a powerful start and brought first glory in 1997. A melodic and crushingly heavy album received generally positive reviews from critics and the public who appreciated its sophomore composition and rolling guitar riffs, as well as a favorable combination of Robert's growling vocals against Sharon's rich, full-sound, voluminous mezzo-soprano. Music reviewer Jörn van Schaik found great creative potential in the band.

Within Temptation embarked on a tour of the Netherlands in support of the new album.  The travel ended with a big performance at the Dynamo Open Air in Eindhoven. The musicians also toured across some cities of Germany and Austria. During the trip drummer Ivar de Graf left the band. He was replaced by Ciro Palma.

In 1998 the band went on touring, constantly winning new fans. They were the main attraction at Dynamo Open Air as they became true headliners of the festival. During the touring year Within Temptation released no new material and they had no plans for a second album. They only released a new EP, "The Dance", which included three songs and two remixes with mature symphonic metal sounding. In 1999 the musicians took a break from touring to prepare new musical material.

Breakthrough in the New Millenium

In the year 2000 the band returned to the metal stage. They performed at three festivals - Waterpop, Bospop and Lowlands. In addition, they presented to their fans a second album, "Mother Earth", which became a creative breakthrough for the band.

The songs acquired Celtic motifs, and Robert Westerholt stopped using growling. However, the first few weeks after its release the long-awaited disc did not rise to music charts' top positions, and the single "Our Farewell" did not even enter them. But the second song, "Ice Queen", became a hit with overwhelming success. In March 2002 the song reached number 2 on the Dutch music chart and climbed to number 1 in Belgium.

"Mother Earth" ended the year among top three albums in the Netherlands. The same year the musicians embarked on a long tour with Paradise Lost. They also had successful concerts in Mexico and France. "Mother Earth" won the hearts of European music lovers where it was re-released, and in Germany it was certified Platinum. A cover of Kate Bush's "Running Up That Hill" performed by Within Temptation was released in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Topping Music Charts

In mid November 2004 the third album of Within Temptation, "The Silent Force", came out. It immediately peaked at the top position on the Dutch music chart. A year later the band set out on a large tour across Europe.
The first singles from the third album "Stand My Ground" (the song sounded on the trailer for the film "Blood and Chocolate") and "Memories" became some of the most successful themes in the band's discography. The song "Angels" was also released as a promotional single of the new album.

In 2006 the track "What Have You Done" was followed by a music video which initially left the musicians disappointed. The video, filmed for the song "Frozen", deals with critical social challenges, such as child abuse. All the money raised from the sales of this single were donated to charity.

Recognition in the US

Another longplay "The Heart of Everything" was recorded in the Netherlands in March 2007. In late July it was released in the United States. In May Within Temptation started their American tour together with Lacuna Coil. "The Heart of Everything" repeated success of the third album, debuting at top positions not only in the Netherlands, but also in Finland and Belgium.

2008 was also remarkable for another evidence of Within Temptation' international recognition overseas. The Roadrunner Records label released an official edition of the albums "Mother Earth" and "The Silent Force" in America.

In 2008 the band performed a show in Rotterdam together with The Metropole Orchestra, a Dutch symphonic non-classical orchestra. It was later filmed for DVD together with a live CD entitled "Black Symphony". In early August 2009 the band released an acoustic album called "An Acoustic Night at the Theater" made up of an acoustic set of recordings from the previous year's tour.

Album based on comics

 In March 2011 Within Temptation announced plans for releasing a new album, "The Unforgiving". To promote broad public interest, Westerholt stated that the new album was going to be a kind of a concept as it was based on a comic book series written by Steven O'Connell. Illustrations and album arts were created by Romano Molenaar, a Dutch comic artist. A promotional video for the song "Where Is The Edge" featuring scenes from the movie "Me &Mr Jones" was released ahead of Within Temptation's new album. At the end of January 2011, the first single from the upcoming album, "Faster", came out. Ten days later the band's fans could already enjoy the music video for this song.

In mid March during an online listening session organized by Sony BMG, a multinational record label, the upcoming album leaked onto the Internet. However, it didn't prevent it from peaking at number 2 in the Netherlands and reaching top positions on the music charts in Austria, Finland, Germany, Sweden, Belgium and Switzerland.

The band embarked on a large tour in support of "The Unforgiving" album. It started on August 10, 2011 at the Sziget Festival in Hungary. In December Within Temptation visited Russia and performed three concerts. Two of them were held in St. Petersburg and one in Moscow.

Paradise - a Hit of All Time

In 2013 Within Temptation delighted its fans not just with a new EP "Paradise (What about Us?)", but with an undeniable hit. The wonderful song was recorded in Sharon den Adel's duo withTarjaTurunen, a no less famous metal vocalist (Nightwish). The song "Paradise" came out as a single in anticipation of the sixth studio album, "Hydra", which was released in 2014.

Within Temptation's creative skills have been invariably memorable and vivid with each new album. The band always readily experimented with new sounds, slightly adjusting their performance style, which undoubtedly pleased their loyal listeners. Indeed, the song "Dangerous" features Howard Jones, former vocalist of Killswitch Engage. And "Whole World Is Watching" was recorded with Dave Pirner, current vocalist of Soul Asylum. Xzibit, a popular US rapper, was involved in creating the "And We Run" hit.

The band also experimented with their style when they took part in the project of the Belgian radio station Q-Music.  Within Temptation was asked to weekly release a cover song of 15 most popular vocalists (such as David Guetta, The Who, Adele and others) in a "Within Temptation style".

In November 2017 the band's lead singer Sharon den Adel recorded and posted on her Facebook page a video announcing a new upcoming Within Temptation album and her solo project entitled "My Indigo".
In anticipation of the seventh album, that is to be released in 2018, we can recall and listen to Within Temptation's old hit songs, such as "Paradise", "Faster" or "Jillian".


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