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Twenty One Pilots, hip-hop group
Twenty One Pilots (TWENTY ØNE PILØTS) is an American duo. Its style is called alternative hip-hop. Became famous without anyone's support. Independently released 2 albums.

Twenty One Pilots, hip-hop group

Twenty One Pilots, hip-hop group

Twenty One Pilots

Twenty One Pilots - For All Seasons

Twenty One Pilots is an American band whose music does not leave indifferent. You can love her or hate her, but you will not be able to ignore it, she will still touch some spiritual strings. The talented duo from Columbus today consists of vocalist Tyler Joseph and drummer and trumpeter Josh Dan. In addition to the vocal parts, Tyler plays on the ukule and tambourine, bass guitar and keyboards.

Debut and first steps

By the way, from 2009 to 2011, the musical team included the founders of the band, and now former members of the band, bass guitarist and keyboardist Nick Thomas and drummer Chris Salih. Including Tyler Joseph, they all went to the same college, made friends and played music.

The name of the band is based on the play All my sons are written by American playwright Arthur Miller. Not a simple moral dilemma, raised in it and leading to the death of 21 pilots, touched Tyler, and he decided that this is a great name for the group. In December 2009, friends released their debut album with the same name - Twenti Van Pylots and went on tour in Ohio.

A year later, the musicians laid out a new song, Time to Say Goodbye, and a cover version of the single of American singer Christina Perry - Jar of Hearts. Up to a certain point these tracks could be listened to and downloaded.

Climb to glory

Tyler Joseph and Josh Dan met each other on the musical path, shortly before in 2011, Chris and Nick left the band because of too tight schedules of performances. Earlier, Joshua Dan played on the drum set in the House of Heroes, temporarily replacing the band's constant drummer. In 2011, after listening to the Twenty One Pilots CD, he went to the concert and was simply amazed and delighted with the performance.

In the same year, after leaving work in the guitar store, he merged into an orphan, after the departure of Thomas and Salih, the band and even managed to perform at the concert, having played just one song, before the police stopped the show. Since then he became the official drummer of the band.

The second studio CD - Regional at Best - was released in the summer of 2011.

In support of the album, the duo performed for free at a high school located in New Albany, Ohio. In the same year, the band participated in a show at Columbus' Newport Music Hall and attracted the attention of many record companies. The musicians had a chance to move further along the musical path.

The third album is a wave of recognition

In the middle of spring of 2012, the band signed a contract with a subsidiary of the musical label Fueled by Ramen, and in the same year released its first EP - Three Songs. A small tour, continued work on the first full-length album of the band - Vessel, which was introduced to the world in 2013 and began to climb well in various musical charts. Starting from the 58th position on the Billboard 200, the 42nd - in the Digital Albums chart, the disk in the Internet Albums chart rose already on the 17th mark. In the Rock Albums Chart took 15th place and in the Alternative Albums Chart - the tenth. With the popularity of the growing number of fans and Twenty One Pilots is becoming an increasingly recognizable group, to buy tickets for the performance of which more and more listeners want. Therefore, it was natural to tour in support of the new album.

In 2014, the musicians went on a concert tour of popular festivals, in which songs were performed in various directions: heavy metal, alternative, punk rock and hip-hop. It was an opportunity for Twenty One Pilots to break into the mainstream.

Blurryface became the second studio of the band and was released in May 2015. In the first week after the release, more than 130,000 copies of it were sold. This allowed the disc to lead the first line of the Billboard 200 chart.

The popularity of the group was growing rapidly and tickets for the concert were in high demand. This again resulted in a big tour, including numerous shows.

In May 2016 Twenty One Pilots again organize a grand tour, consisting of 107 concerts. In the same year, they change the design and style of the show, as well as come with performances in Russia.

In August 2016, Hollywood joined the band to popularize the group. In the movie came out the film The Squad of Suicides, the film was released the album-soundtrack Suicide Squad, which further spurred the fans.

Grammy and new album

In 2017, with the song Stressed Out, the band was nominated as Best Pop Duo for the Grammy Award and won this prestigious award. In the spring of 2018 came the hit 2018 Hometown. The track received a gold certification.

In summer, the musicians excited the fans with the message posted on the official website: "Are you still sleeping?". Later, the fans were presented two new tracks Jumpsuit and Nico and the Niners. But most of all pleased with the statement about the fifth album of the band - Trench.

Performers Twenti Van Pylots in Moscow in 2019, the planned concerts are already looking forward to the numerous fans. Also, Twenti Van Pylots will definitely perform in St. Petersburg.

In the meantime, in anticipation, you can download the songs of the band and enjoy your favorite tunes, or, even better, learn the lyrics of the song, in order to sing along to their idols in their future performances, when Twenty One Pilots will conduct their tours in Russia.

And to grasp the essence of what the authors wanted to say in each song, it is worthwhile to find the translation of songs into Russian on the Internet.

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