Информация о исполнителе T-Fest, rap artist
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T-Fest, rap artist
The popularity of T-Fest continues to grow, and the artist himself develops. Posters of Cyril Nezboretsky can be seen in different cities of Russia and neighboring countries. New T-Fest songs almost immediately become hits.

T-Fest, rap artist

T-Fest, rap artist


T-Fest biography and personal life

Kirill Igorevich Nezboretsky - a promising rapper, artist of the Basta Gazgolder project, performing under the pseudonym T-Fest, was born in Chernivtsi on May 8, 1996. The boy grew up in the family of a business woman and a doctor. The rapper has a brother with whom he began to write his first songs with him and who sometimes performs with him now.

The first acquaintance with music and the choice of style

Even in preschool age, parents noticed that the boy has good hearing and is interested in musical instruments. Cyril attended music school and with pleasure learned to play the piano. Although the parents were not familiar with music closely, they strongly supported their son's undertakings.

As a teenager, the guy learned to play percussion instruments and independently mastered the basics of playing the guitar. Together with his brother, they wrote songs, performed them to their own accompaniment, shooting amateur videos, clips and videos. When T-Fest finished school, he immersed himself in his hobby, refusing even to get an education. Already at the age of 15, a teenager lived separately from his parents and provided for himself.

What does the pseudonym T-Fest mean?

Favorite rapper Dima Bamberg helped to choose the style of performance. The boy decided that his works would be in this style. First, the guy wrote covers on the tracks of his idol, and then he began to write rap himself.

Cyril chose the pseudonym Ti-Fest, which means "You are a holiday." The guy explains that at the beginning of his career, every clip and every concert was a real achievement and celebration for him.

Acquaintance with Basta and Scriptonite

A huge impetus to the world of show business for young Cyril was the artist's acquaintance with Scriptonite. Hearing the songs of Cyril and having been to his performance, Scryptonite arranged for him to meet with Basta. After negotiations, the guy was offered to become a member of the "Gas Holder" label and he agreed. The project, which helps young musicians to develop, helped Nezboretsky to get on the stage and television screens. The guy recorded several records and released an album. Today the performer’s repertoire includes such famous hits as “Fly Away”, “Lambada”, “Scandal”, “Foreigner”, “I Don't Remember”.

Private life hidden from prying eyes

At all parties, the singer comes alone. The guy does not want to put his personal life on public display. However, in an interview, he admits that he lives in a civil marriage with a girl. Even in a personal account, Cyril rarely shares his life photos with subscribers, exposing only photos from concerts and music parties. The most sophisticated paparazzi have not yet been able to provide the public with a single photograph of the rapper's bride. He carefully hides it from the public, protecting it from gossip and intrigue of show business.

The popularity of T-Fest continues to grow, and the artist himself develops. Posters of Cyril Nezboretsky can be seen in different cities of Russia and neighboring countries. New T-Fest songs almost immediately become hits. T-Fest is among the top 50 most famous musicians in Russia.

A young 23-year-old guy was able to break into Olympus show business in just two years. His diligence and devotion to his work is a good example for the younger generation.

This year, the singer gave a solo concert in St. Petersburg. Tickets for the event were sorted out in a few weeks. T-Fest concert in Moscow will be held in autumn. Everyone who was lucky enough to hear Cyril’s works live says that the energy of these tracks is simply mesmerizing.

The motto of Nezboretsky for life is "Live here and now." The turnip star claims that it is calm and acceptance of the situation that helps not to make rash acts and enjoy life.

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