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Sergey Zhukov, pop artist
The lead singer of the Hands Up group had very few chances to get into show business: parents are ordinary people, average wealth in the family, no connections with the star elite. However, hard work, aspiration and inexhaustible love of music helped a simple boy to become famous throughout the world.

Sergey Zhukov, pop artist

Sergey Zhukov, pop artist

Hands up

Sergey Zhukov. Biography, family, career

The soloist of "Hands Up", Sergei Evgenievich Zhukov was born in the small town of Dmitrovgrad, 05/22/1976. The provincial guy had very few chances to get into show business: parents are ordinary people, average wealth in the family, no connections with the star elite. However, hard work, aspiration and inexhaustible love of music helped a simple boy to become famous throughout the world.

Childhood and youth

There were two children in the Zhukov family, the age difference between the boys was seven years. Sergey was the eldest child. Mom worked for a long time as a music teacher. At home, children often sang to the accompaniment of their mother, and Sergei also tried to play the piano himself. In elementary school, the eldest son studied at one of the five, went to a music school - in general, pleased his parents with his successes in all directions.

After the seventh grade, the boy began to play and sing in various local music groups and ensembles. Having plunged headlong into a favorite business, the child practically abandoned school. Very quickly, the excellent student turned into a threesome. The guy tried himself in all sections and circles that were in the city. He was involved in football, hockey, karate, bodybuilding, but of course music. Parents strongly supported Zhukov in all his hobbies. Realizing even then that the son was developing and working, he was nevertheless tuned in a musical direction.

In adolescence, like all adolescents, Sergei has some disagreements with his parents. Mother and father did not approve of his son's addiction to steroid drugs, on which he sat quite tightly, as did not approve of the company in which he walked. Zhukov’s mother, a tactful and intelligent person, was able to convey to her son information about the negative effects of steroids on health. Father, on the other hand, affected the teenager in relatively bad company, explaining that such friendship does not lead to good. Sergei loved and respected his parents, he always listened to their opinion. Therefore, the death of his father in 2016 was a real blow for an adult and an accomplished singer.

How did the soloist’s career begin?

At the age of 17, Sergei leaves for Samara, works at the then-famous radio station “Europe +” as the host of the music program. The 93 year was decisive in his career as a young guy. Zhukov meets A. Potekhin, and together they create the group "Uncle Rey and Co.".

Already having small accumulations, the guys invest them in the development of their musical brainchild and move to Moscow. It was 1995, the group gives concerts and discos in Samara, Togliatti, Tbilisi and of course at Moscow parties. Sergey combines work in a group with work at the Radio Lux radio station.

Hands Up is the new name of the group and a call to the audience at the concert

The producer especially did not want to engage in the promotion of the group in the conditions of the crisis of the 90s, despite the fact that quite a lot of songs were written. In 97, A. Malikov became the producer of the group, and immediately the group “shoots” with hits. The first album, “Breathe Evenly” quickly goes to the people, Sergey Zhukov is becoming popular. Songs from this album sound from passing cars, in every apartment, at every party and disco.

After the songs “Student” and “Kid”, the guys become idols of millions. It is difficult to name songs from eight released albums that were left without attention of the listeners. “Alien lips”, “Eighteen to me already”, “Well, where are you girls.” These songs are popular today.

Each album of Hands Up was awarded: six silver discs, three gold and two platinum. The Golden Gramophone prize was awarded to children every year, and there was also an award for promoting a healthy lifestyle for young people. The songs of the Hands Up group were heard all over the world.

S. Zhukov. What was the life of the singer after leaving the group

In 2002, the legendary "Hands Up" breaks up, Zhukov begins his career as a solo artist. He performs at concerts, shoots new videos and sings a duet with other artists. Sergey had two marriages, the first of which was unsuccessful. Wife Elena was constantly jealous of the guy for her fans, so, five years after the wedding, the couple broke up. In this marriage, a daughter was born to the soloist.

Two years after the divorce, namely in 2007, Sergei marries Regina Burd (one of the soloists of the Cream group). The girl turned out to be a good mother and wife. She completely turned from a career in favor of the family. The couple has three children (two sons and a daughter). Today the family has its own restaurant PP sweets and a site where you can download legal music. Sergey Zhukov realized himself as a writer, having published the novel Starfall.

At concerts of the Hands Up group, today you can see crowds of fans. In 2019, Hands Up concerts will be held in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Of course, as in the distant 90s, tickets for the concert "Hands Up" today do not need to pay ten times the cost, but the halls and stadiums are still packed to capacity.

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