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Scorpions, rock band
Decades were replaced by decades, but the wind of changes, as their song of the same name says, is not the same as real rock classics, they still perform, gathering full halls and stadiums.

Scorpions, rock band

Scorpions, rock band


Scorpions - a legend

With their appearance on the rock scene, the Scorpions marked a whole time slice and contributed to the promotion and development of the musical direction.

Decades were replaced by decades, but the wind of changes, as their song of the same name says, is not the same as real rock classics, they still perform, gathering full halls and stadiums. Scorpions songs cannot be confused with anyone else, their melody is original and recognizable in almost any corner of the planet, remember only the song Still Loving You, which was sung by millions. The group deservedly sits on the throne of world fame, and takes, according to VH1, the 46th place in the ranking of Greatest Hard Rock Artists. More than one hundred million album albums sold is a tremendous financial success, which would not have been possible without undeniable talent, an insane touring schedule, and the crazy working capacity of the music collective.

Band history

The history of the group began back in 1965, in Hanover.
Two Schenker brothers stand at its origins, the eldest - Rudolf became its founder, and later, the youngest of the Schenkers - Michael, together with vocalist Klaus Meine, did everything for her heyday. But before, the musicians put all their strength and money into the group. With the release of the first Lonesome Crow album in 1972, the band went international. However, a year after a joint tour with popular UFO rockers, Michael Schenker left Scorpions as a guitarist in London's hard band.

Scorpions did not find a new bass player, so Rudolph decided to join Dawn Road, where he also dragged vocalist Klaus. As a result, Dawn Road took on a more famous and well-known name, reformatted into Scorpions and recorded a joint disc - Fly to the Rainbow. The conquest of “peace” was difficult, the press often did not perceive the group from Germany singing in English, especially clearly hostility was expressed in Britain.
However, the growing popularity of Europe and Asia and the new albums In Trance and Virgin Killer showed that the group defined its unique and recognizable style. In 1977, the Scorpions discovered America or them, and at that time the Taken by Force CD with the famous Scorpions ballads was released. The tour in support of the new album and the subsequent recording of the concert album marked the first part of their career.

With the release of the Lovedrive album, real world recognition has come. In 1980, they recorded the next album, Animal Magnetism, and devoted much time to touring, but after a year the vocalist began to have serious problems with the ligaments, due to which he underwent surgery.

The whole of the 80s was a great time for creativity, during this period Blackout, Love at First Sting and the world wide live album were released, as well as Savage Amusement in 1988. After visiting the Moscow festival in 1989, the Scorpions record one of their best albums - Crazy World. Then the group recorded - Face the Heat.

The nineties were also eventful, but the musicians were at the limit, in '96 the musicians wrote the Pure Instinct, which, due to the provocative cover, distributors refuse to distribute in the United States. In 1999, a new disc was released - the Eye II Eye album, which the musicians went to Asia to promote and did not lose.

Following its motto, the group never stopped there, so to the delight of the fans, the musicians soon performed with a symphony orchestra. The following years were also filled with creativity, performances and various tours. Several times the group announced the end of their career, but soon, to the delight of the fans, continued their musical journey. In 2015, Scorpions in full force went to the 50th Anniversary tour - World Tour, and since 2017 they are on their way again as part of the Crazy World Tour, which includes a performance in Russia in 2019.

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