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Ruslan Bely, comedian
Ruslan Bely can rightfully be considered the main comedian of the country. His jokes have long been appreciated by lovers of fresh and modern humor.

Ruslan Bely, comedian

Ruslan Bely, comedian

Ruslan Bely

Life path of Ruslan Bely

Ruslan Viktorovich Bely was born in Prague in 1979, on December 28. A boy was brought up in a military family. Due to the duty of his father, the family often moved from one city to another. At first they lived in Prague, then when Ruslan was 11 years old, the family moved to Poland. They lived in a small town called Leginz. In 1994, parents, together with their son, leave for Russia and settle in the city of Bobrov (Voronezh region).

The child often changed schools and therefore studying diligently was very difficult. Despite the constant moving, the guy graduated from high school with good grades and received a silver medal for academic performance. The talent of the actor and comedian manifested in his school years. The guy constantly amused classmates, was the soul of any company, peers were drawn to him. He took part in all school events, talent contests and local KVNah.

Military school student with a subtle sense of humor

As soon as a boy was born in the family, the father immediately decided that the son must follow in his footsteps. Therefore, when Ruslan graduated from school, the issue of education and the further fate of the child was already resolved. Brought up in a military family, the guy did not even think about arguing with his father and entered the engineering university of military aviation in Voronezh. After graduation, a service contract was signed with the guy.

Paying debt to the Motherland and serving for the good of the Fatherland, Ruslan continued to develop acting abilities. He did not leave the desire to realize himself in this industry. Bely participated in KVN, was the captain of the Seventh Heaven team of Voronezh. His team took the lead in “Voting KiViN”, which was held annually in Jurmala. Then, many noticed a young and promising guy and he became a favorite of KVN fans.

The jokes were joked, and the service was on. The rank of lieutenant was replaced by the rank of captain. The award for distinction in military service.

The military career went uphill, but the guy wanted to get another education, already civilian. In the 90th, Ruslan became a student at the GAU. Peter the Great. Having received a second education, White begins to seriously engage in promotion of himself in the Stand Up genre.

Acquaintance with Akhmetova, TNT and Comedy Club

While still a student, Bely often performed in Comedy. There he met Julia Akhmetova. The girl helped the young comedian with advice, they became good friends. Periodically, Bely performed with Akhmetova in a duet. Julia was already known then and such a tandem allowed Ruslan to increase the interest of producers.

The comedian fully revealed his talent as a comedian on TNT. Soon he was invited to participate in the program “Laughter without rules” on the TNT channel. The guy was very seriously preparing for each performance. In the end, Bely, nevertheless, took the main prize in the battle of comedians.

At this stage in his life, the guy decides to radically prioritize. He leaves military service and is completely immersed in show business. Bely performs in Comedy, starring in episodes of the series “Happy Together”, “Univer” and in the video “Nuances”. Of all the styles, the artist prefers Stand Apu.

StandUp TV Show Founder

In 2013, Bely launches the stand-up comedy show StandUp on TNT screens and becomes its producer. The project has become popular among viewers since the first season. It was something new and different. Bright and bold jokes evicted the public. Realizing that the topic is interesting and needs to be developed at a higher level, Bely started organizing the StandUp festival.

Comedians from all countries could take part in this contest. It was possible to perform both with a solo number and with a team. It is this project that Sergei Bely considers the most important achievement in his life to date.

The scandalous comedian can be seen in many humorous programs, he appears on television, uploads videos of his soliloquies on social networks and tours with concerts throughout Russia. In 2019, Ruslan Bely’s concert in Moscow will be vibrant and large-scale, as always. Many people wish to see live on Mr. Evil and hear his hot jokes. Almost a month before the presentation, tickets for the concert of Bely in Crocus were almost all sold out.

Ruslan Bely can rightfully be considered the main comedian of the country. His jokes have long been appreciated by lovers of fresh and modern humor.

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