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Oomph! - rock band
Rock band from Germany Oomph! was formed in Wolfsburg. They are the legislators of a completely new musical style Neue Deutsche Härte, which is a branch of industrial metal.

Oomph! - rock band

Oomph! - rock band


Oomph! - upward movement

Unimaginable almost dance rhythm and juicy guitar riffs, flavored with keys, interesting, gloomy lyrics and immediately recognizable songs are all Oomph!

Today they are a mega-popular band from Germany performing at the best music venues and touring around the world. But it was not always so.


A small music festival in 1989 brought together three friends from childhood, Dero Goi, Krap and Flux. Before that, they had already tried their hand at the musical field, working in different teams and directions, but had not achieved any significant success. And although, the event in Wolfsburg, was the starting point of the joint creativity, but it was not yet all known Oomph!

At first, in Spain, as a test of the pen, the musicians recorded a demo album that sold no more than 500 pieces. According to Dero Goi training album, in the course of work on which they actively composed and rehearsed, helped to determine in what direction the musicians are going to move and what music as a whole are going to play. And also distributed the so-called creative roles in the team. Referring to Dero's words, they formed as follows: "Crap is a Thesis, I'm Antithesis, Flux is Synthesis."

Way to glory

The result of the subsequent joint work was a signed contract with the record company Machinery Records. Then, in 1991, was recorded a successful single, the composition Ich bin du. A year later the first studio album of the band was released - Oomph album! with the composition of Der neue Gott, an undoubted hit and leader in the number of remixes. The ensuing single, as well as the whole album, full of amazing electronic sounds, added a team of dedicated fans.

In general, the musicians played well and continued to actively experiment in the direction of the EBM style, to seek their sound. Dero Goi was a vocalist and sat behind the drum set, Andreas Crap played guitar and keyboards, and also worked with Robert Flux on programming. In addition, solo, bass guitar parts, as well as samples and backing vocals were behind Robert. Once established, the basic composition of the group did not change, only temporarily expanding during live performances.

In the future, the musical team begins active performances in Germany, even without having had time to invite additional artists to participate in the concerts. The musicians gave their first performance in Frankfurt. Oomph! were a support group headliner, working in a similar style. In 1993, a concert was held in the United States. This performance took place in the popular New York club The Limelight, where you could listen to bands playing techno, gothic or industrial.

In the same year the single Breathtaker was recorded and presented to the general public, which included remixes of two tracks from the upcoming album. This album - Sperm, released in 1994 with the support of Dynamica, was a new round in the band's work, both in terms of style and new sound. The musicians leave the former direction, cutting off the dance rhythm with a mixture of electro-ambient, to a heavier, darker and more aggressive sound. A discouraging album filled with dark, powerful sexuality and lyrics, the very name of which implied a hidden context.

The first video "Sex", filmed in the same year, because of frank content, was banned on MTV Germany. However, this did not prevent his success and the subsequent release of a single with the same name. At the end of the year another single was released for the second album - "3 + 1".

Such here Defekt

In 1995, under the same label, the third album of the band, Defekt, was released. It is noteworthy that the name for the album was found by chance. According to Flux, the draft version of the records was brought to the expert for preliminary listening, but the disc was spoiled, and it was returned back with the CD Defekt. Looking at the inscription, the musicians decided that this is the best name for the new studio.

In the same year the single was released and the second video clip for the song Ice-Coffin was filmed. Although the album was not a big hit, the band got into the field of view of the big labels. Oomph! noticed the Virgin Schallplatten. But the team could not escape the influence of Dynamica, which was due to another, fourth album.

New albums and friction with the German MTV

Contractual obligations to Dynamica were fulfilled in 1996 as a new studio album dedicated to the theme of child abuse - Wunschkind. In general, he was well received by critics. After the tour in support of the new album Oomph! left the care of the old label.

In the future, the musicians continued to prepare material for the next disc, and after signing the contract with Virgin, he did not keep himself waiting. The fifth album of the band Unrein is translated into Russian as "unclean" and touches on various topics of human experiences, a kind of background for which is religion. He was recorded in a studio in Munich. The album was preceded by the single "Gekreuzigt" and a video with the same name.

After completing the tour, the collective again plunged into work on new songs for the disc, which in the future was named Plastik. In this melodic album the musicians again changed the style of the game and the vocals. In the creative process, the recording of the song Fieber, took part vocalist Nina Hagen - the owner of a unique voice range of four octaves. The voice of "Mother of German punk" was perfectly combined in a duet with Dero, and Fieber was a great success, as well as the clip that was subsequently shot. However, the real hit was the song Das weisse Licht, finishing 46th in the charts.

But more successful promotion of the musical team was again hampered by strained relations with the German MTV. And if the song "Sex" was anathema for reasons of propriety, then the popular song Das weisse Licht channel was rejected because of its excessive cruelty. Unleashing the album, the musicians, together with the British rock band Skunk Anansie, started touring Europe, giving concerts at many different festivals.

Ego and Gold Single

In 2001 Oomph! releases a new studio - Ego, with the release of which expires a contract with Virgin Schallplatten. Although the album is criticized, the first of two singles - Supernova is becoming a hit. And again the musicians go on a tour of Europe after the release of the album, but already in the company of HIM Finns performing songs in a kind of Gothic style of love metal.

German record label Gun Records, has not lost with the choice of the group. With him, the musicians sign the contract in 2003, and by the end of the year they record and release a video for the song Augen auf !. When, at the beginning of the next year, 2004, a single with the same name comes out, he instantly gets into the Top 10 Singles, acquiring simply frenzied popularity. The record company had to release an additional circulation, since the first one was bought out almost completely on the first day of release. A few weeks later, the song Augen auf already topped the charts in Germany. Soon the single became "golden".

Eight lucky number

On a wave of success, in February 2004, the world saw the eighth album Wahrheit oder Pflicht, which also becomes "golden" and ends up in Germany TOP 100 Albums. Many critics note the obvious progress of the group in the style of industrial metal. Reviewer Whiskey-Soda called it "the strongest album Oomph!", Noting the memorable melodies and high-quality lyrical component. The tour of the rock band across Europe, especially in the cities of Germany, was a fantastic success. Tickets were not enough for all comers and the organizers of the tour had to transfer performances in more spacious rooms. The concerts took place at a full house.

In the spring of 2004, a clip of Brennende Liebe and the same single, in the recording of which the band from Austria L'Âme Immortelle mixes in their work gothic and electronic sounds, takes part. The single is a great success, taking a place of honor in the top.

Success is on its heels

2006 was marked by the release of a new, no less successful album GlaubeLiebeTod. At the presentation of the music award Echo there was a scandal over the song Gott ist ein Popstar, the band was banned from performing. But a year later the ninth album Oomph! was still nominated for this prestigious award, despite the scandalous song left in the track list.

In the same year, thanks to the efforts of the recording companies Supersonic and Virgin came out two collections of hits Oomph !. At the large-scale competition Bundesvision (analogue of Eurovision in Germany) the composition of Träumst du got the first place.

A year later, in February, to once again pleasantly surprise the fans, the single of the band recorded together with the vocalist of the alternative metal band Die Happy Marta Yandova, and also "Delikatessen (Limited Edition Digipak)" was released. In July, the first DVD of the Rohstoff team appeared which included shooting live concert held in Berlin in 2006, as well as clips and interviews of the band. In 2007, another clip was filmed for the song "Wach auf!", Which became the soundtrack of the second part of the film Alien vs. Predator.

2008 was very busy for the band. In January the single Wach auf! Was released. A month later the musicians performed it at the Bundesvision contest. In the spring Oomph! gave an introduction to the Volkswagen Halle Braunschweig in conjunction with the orchestra of Braunschweig, conducted by Gerd Schaller.

Shortly before the release of the new album Oomph! used an interesting method of attracting the attention of fans. On the offside group, you could go online and in the process see the latest photos and full versions of the video shot on two songs from the new album. The know-how turned out to be a scandal. Clips Labyrinth and Beim ersten Mal tut's immer weh were criticized, and the latter was even banned from showing on MyVideo and YouTube sites.

Monstrom Mania

The tenth album - Monster - has become a kind of stylistic mix. He combined the past experience of musicians with EBM and modern developments with heavy guitar riffs and catchy melodies. The album was released in August 2008 and was released on CD and DVD, and also included bonus tracks.

In the autumn, the tenth album and its first single, Labyrinth, ranked first in the rock charts of Germany. On the success of the talk and the fact that the live broadcast of the concert of the group, held in Cologne, counted more than 25 000 online views, not counting more than a thousand fans who were present at the concert.

The year 2009 began for Oomph with several important events. Sandman released a social-oriented single and a clip of the same name, and in the life of the band there was a recording monster Sony.

English experiment

To bring the music to even more listeners, the group translates their songs into international English and publishes a collection - Truth or Dare (released in February 2010). After the tour, which further strengthened his popularity of the English-language disc, the musicians took a creative break of the day of writing the material of the next album - Des Wahnsinns Fette Beute. Which came out only in May 2012 with a preliminary single - Zwei Schritte vor. The tour began with performances in Russia (Moscow) and rolled across many cities and countries of Europe, such as Switzerland, Lithuania, Austria, Spain and the Netherlands and ended with a concert in Germany.

"Anniversary" album

In 2014, the vocalist Oomph !, giving an interview to the authoritative publication Global Metal Apocalypse, said that the team is actively working on a new album, which was scheduled for release in the summer of 2015. Later it was also announced its name - XXV.

The album, timed to the 25th anniversary of the creative path, was successful. Increased attention from fans was also awarded a single and a video for him - Alles aus Liebe. Touring and participation Oomph! in numerous festivals, only the popularity of the group on the European continent was consolidated.

Today at Oomph! the same grandiose plans. But looking back you can trace the long musical path of the collective, which met ups and downs, misunderstanding of the crowd and a stunning success. Despite all this magnificent trio of musicians, they worked tirelessly and experimented, melting together electronic sound and industrial metal, giving the name to the whole musical style of Neue Deutsche Härte and making each album unique and special. Enough to include the albums Oomph !, Sperm, as well as the last Monster, Des Wahnsinns fette Beute, XXV. To even more sure of this it is worth buying tickets for the next concert and listening to the best hits of the band in the live performance of Oomph!

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