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Nick Cave, rock musician
Australian rock musician, writer, poet, author of music for films, screenwriter - Nick Cave. Leader of rock band Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds.

Nick Cave, rock musician

Nick Cave, rock musician

Nick Cave

Who is Nick Cave?

Everyone knows that Australia is home to kangaroos and platypuses, and is also famous for its beautiful nature and pleasant climate. But besides this, Australia is rich in musical traditions. She gave the world many talented musicians and performers. A special place, among them, is Nick Cave.

Nick Cave can be confidently called the legend of Australian rock music, but he became famous not only for his musical hits. On his account are two books of poems, in which he demonstrates his poetic talent - "King Inkilo. Volume I "and" The King of Ink. Volume II ». Also, from the pen of Nick Cave came two novels. The book "And the donkey of the Angel of God" was published in 1989, and the "Death of Bunny Munro" was published in 2009. Both novels sold well both in Australia itself and abroad. These books were also published in Russia, translated into Russian.

In addition, Nick Cave showed himself as a good actor, having played several roles in the cinema. But this is all a slightly different story. In this article, we are more interested in what Nick Cave did as a musician.

The beginning of a musical career

Born Nick Cave September 22, 1957 in the family Colin Frank Cave, an English teacher, and Doon Cave, working in the library. His homeland is the Australian state of Victoria, the city of Warraknabil. The first attempts to create a musical group, he took, when he entered the art college. In it, he met Mick Harvey, along with whom he organized the first musical collective - Boys Next Door. The group began its rehearsals after the end of the school year in 1975. In addition to vocalist Cave and guitarist Harvey, Phil Calvert, as a bass player, and Tracy Pugh as a drummer took part in it.

Originally they performed at school evenings, and their repertoire consisted of songs by David Bowie, Lou Reed and Alice Cooper. After a couple of years of rehearsals, the guys began performing their own songs at the concerts. Since 1977, and until the end of the existence of the Boys Next Door in 1980, musicians have always given concerts in various pubs in Melbourne.

Already at that time, their performances were somewhat different from the music that sounded on the Australian stage. When everyone played punk in the spirit of the Australian The Saints and Radio Birdman, they tried to sound closer to The Stooges and The Jam.

The desire to achieve a wider popularity beyond the limits of Australian Melbourne, pushes the musicians to move to London. This happened in 1980 year. With the change of the continent, the name of the group also changes. The Birthday Party - with this name, the team is trying to conquer Europe. It's interesting that The Birthday Party is the name of the scene in Dostoyevsky's novel Crime and Punishment, whose admirer is Nick Cave. The group existed until 1983, without achieving any significant success.

Growth of popularity

Everything changed when the band The Birthday Party fell apart and a new band was formed, which was named Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. It included some old participants from The Birthday Party, as well as new musicians. One of them was Blix Bargeld - leader of the group Einstürzende Neubauten from Germany, with whom, subsequently, Cave collaborated for more than twenty years.

Already the first album under the new name of the band Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds received positive reviews from critics and aroused interest among listeners. The group begins to gain popularity, while at the same time not clinging itself to the original style. This attitude to creativity gives impetus to the recording, in 1994, of the Let Love In CD, with the undisputed hit Do You Love Me ?. And also, one of the best albums of Nick Cave - Murder Ballads, which was released in 1996. In the album of the year 96, both author's compositions and folk songs were included in the modern arrangement. There is only one thing that unites them - they are all devoted to the topic of murders, usually because of passion and jealousy.

The greatest popularity among listeners was found by the song "Where the Wild Roses Grow", which was recorded by Nick Cave duet with Kylie Minogue. In most European tops, she entered the top ten, and in the musical chart of Australia rose to the second line. In addition to this song, there are many other interesting compositions in the album, in which guest artists (such as PJ Harvey and Shane McGowan) took part. After such success, the discs sell well, and it becomes difficult for Nick Cave's concerts to buy a ticket.


With the release of these albums, Cave finally gets a sullen musician with gloomy songs, and critics compare his work with the works of Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen. But all the best that this musician does is always in demand and does not go unnoticed by the public and critics. The number of people who want to download his songs, listen to the songs online, and also visit concerts and these days is not less than twenty years ago. Residents of Russia should be pleased with the fact that in the playbill of Nick Cave's performances you can often meet Moscow.

In addition to popularity among listeners, many of Nick Cave's songs are in demand among filmmakers. Batman forever, Hellboy: The hero from hell, Killing Jesse James is just a small part of the movies where his music sounds. What's there to say, his song O Children sounds even in one of the Harry Potter films. All this indicates that Nick Cave writes real hits and is in demand as a musician and performer.

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