Информация о исполнителе Nazareth, a rock band
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Nazareth, a rock band
Nazareth is a group from Scotland. One of the few legendary teams of the 60s, which still performs at the world's largest concert venues.

Nazareth, a rock band

Nazareth, a rock band


Living legend-Nazareth

Nazareth is a legendary band from Scotland, whose songs have grown more than one generation of fans of heavy music and today afloat and never ceases to amaze fans with new interesting albums and hit songs.

Jump The most importantly, and the birth of Nazareth

The platform for the creation of the Nazareth group was The Shadettes-a team from the provincial Scottish town of Dunfermline. The group was founded in 1961 by Peter Agnew and it lasted until 1968, until it changed its name to Nazareth, as a band performing cover versions of popular hits at the time. Performing in local clubs and hotels, they earned a piece of bread by learning three songs from the official hit parade of singles in Britain and then performed them. Your own material, the band played infrequently.

Escape from the province was not easy. Producers were not looking for talented artists in Scotland and the entire music industry of the time was in the capital of England – London, so Nazareth had little chance of success. However, fate has been kind, loud, and provocatively dressed musicians noticed a wealthy businessman, millionaire bill of Fehilly.

With the financial support of Fehilly they not only managed to find time to record my own material, but in 1971 he moved to London and signed a contract with the record company Pegasus. Then followed the recording Studio Trident Studios debut album of the same name-Nazareth. The band's first album, the audience did not appreciate, but a few singles from it became popular in France and Germany is Dear John and Morning Dew.

At this point, the group was in its classical composition of participants, established with the change of its name. Dan McCafferty was the lead singer, Manny Charlton was involved in guitar, Pete Agnew - bass guitar, and drums sat Darel Suites.

Soon the second album by Nazareth, with a softer sound Exercises, however, it is a failure. However, the musicians do not despair, continue to work hard, looking for their sound and hone their skills.

Friendship with the then popular team Deep Purple, which Nazareth opened in 1972, gave the musicians the opportunity to take part in a joint tour of America. It was a very successful tour and Roger Glover from Deep Purple, volunteered to produce their next album.

Long-awaited recognition

The album, which began with the rising popularity and recognition of fan-made audience, was the third Studio work of the team - RazAmaNaz, released in 1973. It was a real breakthrough, Nazareth is getting the long-awaited popularity and commercial success.

The next Nazareth album, released in the fall of the same year, the album Loud ' n ' Proud, also does not go unnoticed. A year later, the musicians record material with the participation of John Lord, keyboardist from Deep Purple. The album was named Rampant. 1975 was marked by the release of another album - Hair of the Dog, which produces Manny Charlton. Also, fans were able to evaluate the collection of Greatest Hits.

1975 was the vocalist Dan McCafferty, the company began a solo career. His project MacCaferty, also finds its fans.

Another disk-Close Enough for Rock ’n’ Roll, recorded in 1976, causes a new spike in popularity Nazareth. But this year was and a black stripe in the life of the group, their Manager is bill Fehilly died in a plane crash. Album Play ’n’ the Game musicians dedicated Fenelli, with whom he started his career.

Expect No Mercy is the band's ninth album, released in 1977. A year later, the team entered a new member – Scottish guitarist Zel Cleminson, with the participation of which, in the winter of 1979, released another new disc - No Mean City.

At the peak of fame and prolific 80's

The eighties for the group began with the release of the next album-Malice in Wonderland. At the same time, the musicians are again looking for their sound and make it softer with a slight touch of popular music. The album was produced by Jeff Baxter.

A year later, in 1981, after signing a contract with NEMS, the release of the next, twelfth album - The Fool Circle. In it the musicians experiment and mix various styles such as Blues, rock and reggae, while the lyrics touch on sensitive social and political topics. But in the music charts, the album does not rise above 60.

In the spring of the same year Nazareth released a double concert - It's Naz. New members of the band – guitarist Billy Rankin and keyboardist John Locke-participate in the recording of the album.

1982 was marked by the release of a new album - 2XS, which quickly gained popularity in Europe and the United States. In the same year, Nazareth leaves John Locke. This is due to heavy, lengthy touring and disagreements within the band.

A year later, the team releases another disc - Sound Elixir, which finds no response from the public or critics. Later Billy Rankin starts his solo career and leaves the band. The Catch-another album, recorded in 1984, also becomes a failure. However, the musicians do not despair, continue touring and give concerts in different cities and countries, as well as record another album - Cinema, which fans were able to appreciate in 1986. In the same year, a film was released about Nazareth, which with documentary truth sets out the history of the group.

Then, until 1988, the musicians engaged in touring and concert activities and write material for the new disc. As a result, a new Studio album, Snakes ’n’ Ladders, was released under the production of Joey Baline in 1989.

Russia meets Nazareth

Historical tours in Russia in the 90's remembered as the musicians themselves, and quickly formed a large, in the USSR, the army of fans. The group played six concerts, which were held in Moscow in the Olympic sports complex, with a full house.

A year later, the musicians returned to Russia with a longer tour. Twelve concerts were held in Moscow and ten performances fans could see in Leningrad.

This was followed by work on a new album - No Jive, which was published in Russia, but because of the unfair attitude of the company owning a license to distribute the disc-in the Union it sold badly. After the album was released in 1992, the band went on tour in Europe. A year later, this disc is released in the United States, where it is sold well and receives positive reviews from critics.

In this presentation Nazareth in Russia ends. So as part of the tour was held in 1995 and 1996, in support of the album, Move Me, written in 1994, the famous rockers has twice visited Russia and gave a concert in Ukraine. The tour also took place in America and Canada, Europe and Brazil. By the way, after the release of the album was changed and the composition of the team, had left the band and Billy, but joined Jimmy Murrison and Ronnie Lahey.

Another visit to our country took place in 1998. The concert in Kemerovo did not take place because of unpaid rent of the Palace of culture and mistakes of the organizers of the tour, so Nazareth took DC in the village of Kedrovka, which had only 600 seats, instead of the planned four thousand. Such an unfortunate organizational oversight did not prevent the team from performing, but the hall did not accommodate everyone. About this remarkable event you can find information on the Internet.

Also in 1998 they released their anniversary album Boogaloo. Before the start of the tour, in support of the new album, a tragic event occurred, which later canceled the planned tour. Died drummer Nazareth - Darrell Sweet. After a while, by common decision of all participants of the musical group, for drums sat the eldest son of Pete Agnew.

Two thousandth and our days

After recovering from the loss of a friend and drummer, and spending several months in rehearsal, Nazareth continued to perform concerts, as well as preparing material for the next album.

In the spring of 2001 the musicians visited great Britain. A live concert of the group in Glasgow, was recorded on video, and released a year later as a DVD - Homecoming. From another, similar, concert the album of the same name was recorded. Soon, tired from the intense touring and the 2002 year was very busy, the band left Ronny Lahey. Continuing to perform, the band records another live album-Alive and Kicking, which was released in 2003.

2008 was marked by the release of a new disc - The Newz. And three years later, fans were able to appreciate the new Studio work of the band - Big Dogz.

In August 2013, Dan McCafferty began to have health problems, which made it difficult for him to perform at concerts and had to leave the band. However, in 2014, he recorded another Studio album with Nazareth - Rock ‘n’ Roll Telephone. In place of the vocalist was invited singer Linton Osborne, but with the group he did not work well and in January 2015 ceased to cooperate with the team, as stated in the official address to the fans. Freed of the microphone place was taken by vocalist Carl Sentance.


Scottish rock band Nazareth is an example of a unique longevity on the rock scene.  Their main hits - Love hurts and Hair of the dog still love music lovers from different parts of the world.

Current members of the musical collective is: vocals and bass guitar – Pete Agnew, guitar - Jimmy Murison, with the drums sitting Agnew and 2015 is Nazareth vocalist Carl Sentance.

In General, the discography of Nazareth has about thirty albums and the musicians are not going to stop there, the last album of the group - Tattooed on My Brain, was released in 2018. They also continue to shoot cool video clips, go on world tours and a future concert in Moscow is the best proof of that. Tickets for the performance of veterans of the rock scene fly like hot cakes, because they are already a legend, to touch which many dream.

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