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Metallica, a rock band
One of the most influential groups in the history of heavy metal, a living legend and innovators of style, one of the giants of the metal industry, having in the arsenal millions of fans around the world - all this can be said about one of the most recognizable groups of our time - Metallica!

Metallica, a rock band

Metallica, a rock band


Metallica forever!

What is the fact that it is Metallica, the only musical group in the world that played concerts on all continents of the Earth. There are 10 albums in the personal hall of fame of the team, and more than forty years of success on the stage and, most importantly, Metallica is not going to stop there.

How do you call a boat ...

An interesting story came out with the name of the group. Ulrich's friend, Ron Quitana, could not decide on the name for the new magazine dedicated to musical groups and performers from America and Britain. Therefore, I asked Lars' opinion, which of the names is more suitable for a brutal read, and among the options were: Metal Mania, Hesse, and Metallica. It was Metallica that Lars liked the most, but he cheated by deciding to get him as a name for his new group, so he advised not to call the music magazine like that, arguing that few would like it.

Probably only the most curious fans know that before finding their sonorous name, Metallica was called –Thunderfuck. But, according to Hatfield, with such a name, and it roughly translates as a thundering intercourse, they certainly would not have succeeded. No less expressive were the musicians going to name their first track - Metal Up Your Ass, this name also did not promise a grand sales that John Zazula, the owner of the legendary music store from New Jersey, explained to the musicians. At that time, Zazula was quite a significant and popular figure in the metal music environment of the East Coast, and also had his own label - Megaforce Records. He, together with the founder and CEO of the record company Metalblade Records, a big fan of metal, Brian Slagel, helped unleash Metallica at the beginning of their long musical journey.

The idea of ​​Brian Slaide to release a collection of young metal teams was a great success for the novice team, therefore, hastily recorded, the composition of Lars and James - Hit The Lights was also included in the disc.

Zazula also produced and released the demo of the Kill 'Em All album, helped the musicians perform in New York and organized their first tour with the popular British band Raven.

Beginning of the legend

The history of the group began in the distant 81st year. At its origins were James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich. James acted as a guitarist and was in charge of vocals, Lars sat at the drums. Then bassist Ron McGovney joined the musicians. But he also played in the team for a long time. Indeed, in the early stages of the group, guitarists regularly changed in its composition, so Lloyd Grant, Brad Parker and Jeff Warner tried their hand at the band. The team was desperately looking for a good lead guitarist, and they weren't very lucky with the bass players either. In 1982, Dave Mustaine (previously playing in the Panic group) joined Metallica. Impressed by his playing, Mustaine was accepted into the group without actually listening.

At the end of May 1982 - the team played its first live concert, which was held within the walls of the school where Lars Ulrich studied. In the same year several demos were recorded. Later in the group again there were changes in the composition, Cliff Burton replaced McGovney, a less professional bass tamer. Also, at the insistence of Burton, the group changed their place of residence and rehearsal base, moving to San Francisco. In 1983, Metallica signed a contract with the record company Megaforce Records. At this point, the collective made the final decision to part with Mustaine, due to his difficult nature and aggression, aggravated by the problem with alcohol and drugs. Despite the obvious creative potential of Mustaine, he was expelled from Metallica. His place as a solo guitarist was subsequently taken by Kirk Hammett.

In the spring of 1983, the band's first album, Kill 'Em All, was released. The album drew attention to the team and the first loyal fans. A year later, the next album was released - Ride The Lightning. The first ballad - Fade to Black, won the hearts of many thrash and heavy metal lovers.

The third album of the musical group, which was released two years later, in 1986, according to many fans and critics, literally made a revolution in trash metal. Since the release, even without preliminary media warm-up, the Master of Puppets CD has been shattered in crazy editions, only in America more than a million copies have been sold. It was a real success. Ahead were touring with Ozzy Osbourne and excellent prospects. Unfortunately, this tour ended tragically for Cliff Burton, who died as a result of an accident with musicians during a tour in Sweden. Metallica, interrupting the tour, was hard going through the death of Cliff, and was looking for a bass player. As a result of serious listening, bypassing rivals, they became - Jason Newsted. In 1987, a peculiar garage collection was published, literally recorded in Lars's garage, consisting of cover versions of other people's songs.

A year later, the musicians released a film dedicated to the deceased Cliff Burton and perform around the country with concerts on the Monsters Of Rock tour. In the same year comes another disc - ... And Justice for All. The album becomes platinum and occupies the highest places in the music charts around the world. And Metallica again goes on a long tour in support of the new album. During the break between the albums, in 1990, the musicians received a Grammy for a cover-performance of Queen - Stone Cold Crazy.

The new, fifth in a row, the disc, which has the double name Metallica or The Black Album, is released in 1991 and becomes the most popular in the history of the group. Many songs from this album have long been recognized as a classic heavy metal. Since the release of the album and the summer of 1993, the group has given more than three hundred concerts around the world. And in 1991, during the Monsters Of Rock tour, she visited Russia for the first time and played a concert in Moscow. It was a stunning success. Then there was a break, during which the musicians accumulated strength and creative energy for the new disc. There was enough material for two albums and with a difference of one year, fans were able to evaluate Load (released in 1996) and Reload - the world heard in 1997.

In 1999, Metallica opened in a new way - speaking with a symphony orchestra. This grand concert later came out in audio and video format, and later on DVD.

In 2001, Jason Newsted leaves Metallica, this is due to the rejection of Jason's participation in third-party projects. A year later, the musicians begin to prepare for the release of a new album, meticulously choosing songs for it. By the way, the bass guitar parts in the studio were performed by Bob Rock, the producer of Metallica. Already in 2003, a new bassist joins the team - Robert Trujillo, and in the summer of the same year a long-awaited CD - St. Anger.

September 2008 was marked by the release of the new album of the group - Death Magnetic. Before this event, the team also changed the producer, now it was Rick Rubin. Metallica's ninth album also pursued success; he again led the heavy charts in many countries. In the USA alone, fans have bought up to half a million copies. Already in October, the musicians set off on their next tour, the World Magnetic Tour, which lasted for two years.

The tenth album of Metallica - Hardwired ... To Self-Destruct, after a long preparation, was released in November 2016 and habitually occupied the top lines of the Billboard 200 and later occupied the leading positions in the music charts of fifty-seven countries around the world. In 2017, tours were planned in the United States, and a year later Metallica traveled around the cities of North America with concerts.

Energy Metallica

Speaking about Metallica, about their tremendous success and fame, I want to grasp what drives them for many years, which gives such a charge to their creativity and a frantic drive in each composition, and the unusual lyrics of ballads. Perhaps it is inexhaustible purposefulness, dedication to the group of its founders James and Lars, the constant search for new sounds, and, of course, the unity and cohesion of all team members who, despite all the differences and cataclysms experienced, remain a rather harmonious musical family in which always support and respect the work of each participant. All this, of course, charges creative energy, which Metallica in abundance. Therefore, it is quite natural that in 2009, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was replenished with another respectable participant - the Metallica group entered it.

At one time, musicians, especially at the beginning, drew inspiration from the music of venerable bands such as Diamond Head and Motörhead, influenced the melodies and riffs of Metallica Saxon and Black Sabbath, Judas Priest and Thin Lizzy, as well as Iron Maiden and Mercyful Fate and many other music bands. Musicians of punk culture were not alien, they listened with pleasure and were charged with music by Misfits, Zeroption, Discharge and The Ramones.

Now they themselves inspire many to take creative risks, go on world tours and easily assemble thousands of stadiums at every concert. All music lovers know the “big four of thrash metal,” which includes such notable teams as Metallica such as Megadeth, Anthrax and Slayer, which also significantly influenced the formation and development of the thrash metal style.

Also Hatfield and Hammett were included in the list of "100 most perfect guitarists of all times." James is listed on the 14th position in the list, and Kirk in the 26th place. Metallica also created its own label, Blackened Recordings. In general, the story of the team perfectly reflects the film about the group Metallica - Throughthe Never, which today can be freely viewed on the Internet.

Today, the current line-up of Metallica sounds like this: behind the rhythm guitar and vocal, the indispensable James Hetfield, since the founding of the musical group and to this day, Lars Ulrich has been in charge of the drums. Kirk Hammett, who joined the band back in 1983, has been playing as a lead guitarist and since 2003, Trujillo has been playing bass guitar. Also Kirk and Robert add relics as backing vocalists.

The glorious discography of Metallica includes 10 studio albums, the last album of the team was released in 2016.

You can, of course, endlessly memorize the words of your favorite song, delving into their translation, watch video clips or group photos, but Metallica is one of those musical groups whose performance is best seen live, because it’s not just mad energy that musicians turn into their own concert a grand show, and for this reason, tickets for the band’s performance are sold out instantly. Therefore, it is worth considering and buying a ticket in advance for a concert in Moscow, which is scheduled for the summer of 2019, because not only songs from the latest Metallica album will be played there, but also their main hits - Nothing else matters and Fade to Black.

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