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Kodaline, rock band
Kodaline is an Irish rock band. Initially called 21 Demands, but eventually the guys changed their name.

Kodaline, rock band

Kodaline, rock band


Kodaline - how it all began

Irish Quartet Kodaline - pleases fans with their work for more than one year. Although, under this name they have been performing since 2011, their fans were able to hear the fans for the first time in 2005. Then the team was called otherwise - this is the former group of 21 Demands.

The starting point of the biography of the Kodaline group was the small village of Sords, where the main attraction was that it was near Dublin airport. It was there, not far from each other, lived Mark and Steve. Which are not only familiar with eight years, but also were classmates, attending the same school.

Trying their strength in the musical field, friends from a youth participated, as performers, in different competitive programs. After about six years, friends met Vincent, who also lived in Sords. This settlement trio was the backbone of the group 21 Demands, which often performed at local music venues and pubs. Later they were joined by James Boland.

The friendly composition of musicians and for today remains unchanged, so the frontman of Kodaline is undoubtedly Steve Garrigan. Vocalist Stive Garrigan plays rhythm guitar, mandolin and harmonica and, among other things, is responsible for keyboards. Mark Prendergast also improvises virtuoso on keyboard and solo guitar. Vinny May sits behind the drum set and plays percussion. Jason Boland - performs bass guitar parts. In addition, Mark, Winnie and Jason are backing vocalists.

In general, the formation of the creative style and musical tastes of the children was influenced by many famous musicians and teams, among them Coldplay, U2 and Oasis. But they constantly engaged in self-improvement and sought their sound. The first success to the team came in 2006 after participating in the TV show You're a Star. The show was shown on the most popular TV channel in Ireland and a large number of people were able to see the musicians.

In early March of the following year, 21 Demands recorded and presented to the public their first single - Give Me a Minute, which within a month climbed to the first line of the country's musical chart.

The name change and a new turn in the career

In 2011, it was decided to change the name of the group to Kodaline. Under the new name in 2012, the debut of musicians with a mini album - The Kodaline EP. The song from the album All I Want was an opening and was chosen the best in the weekly rating of songs that sounded on BBC Radio. By the end of the year, BBC Radio voiced that Kodaline included in the Sound of 2013.

These are special lists compiled annually on the basis of a survey of many representatives of the music industry, critics and producers, editors of music magazines and websites. All this is aimed at helping to find new talented performers.

Then, in 2013, the first studio album Kodaline - In a Perfect World was released. The disk was well received by fans and critics. All 11 tracks included in the album is a kind of mixture of melancholy and the key to cheerfulness, the album turned out to be versatile and memorable, which spoke of the considerable potential of the band.

In the future, the version of the album on iTunes was supplemented with songs from The Answer, Perfect World, Latch and Lose Your Mind, as well as videos of All I Want and High Hopes. The CD version of the album was released with a live recording of Kodaline's performance in Dublin.

In addition to two studio albums, the band recorded mini albums. So in 2013 came The High Hopes EP, Love Like This EP and Brand New Day EP. A year later the fans were able to evaluate one more mini-album - One Day EP.

In April 2014, Kodaline sang the single of Paul McCartney - Coming Up (song), and in 2015 the world heard a new disc - the studio album Coming Up For Air. The CD was produced by Jim Eliot and Jacknay Leigh. The album included 15 songs and the single Honest, performed in an acoustic version. The tour tour, held in support of the album, was very successful. In the UK, the album became gold.

Successes outside the studio

The songs of the band sound not only from the speakers. Memorable melodies and vital texts of Kodaline became popular in the cinema.

The composition of All I Want can be heard in the popular youth series The Vampire Diaries and the series Anatomy of Passion. Also, the song All I Want sounded, as a soundtrack, in the movie Blame the stars. The compositions of Pray and High Hopes were chosen as the musical design of the trailers for the Horn movies and With Love, Rosie.

By genre stylistics combining alternative rock with folk and indie rock, the band Kodalain confidently wins the chosen music segment, from album to album, building up an army of loyal fans.

All the songs the rock group from Ireland writes and executes in English. The lyrics of the songs, translated into Russian, can be freely found on the Internet, which indicates the popularity of the team and the steadily growing fan club.

The text of the compositions is not particularly intricate, but the guys write about different things, about life and its values, impressions, emotions and experiences. To be sure, it's worth including the hits of OneDay and After The Fall, and also listen to the sensational new single from the upcoming album K3 - Brother. And of course it's worth buying a ticket to Codaline to recharge this vital, powerful guitar energy and see the musicians' performance first hand.

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