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Eros Ramazotti, pop singer
Italy is a country of sweet-voiced and talented performers, which can be safely attributed to the star of the world stage Eros Ramazotti.

Eros Ramazotti, pop singer

Eros Ramazotti, pop singer

Eros Ramazotti

Eros Ramazotti: singer with the name of the Greek god of Love

Italy is a country of sweet-voiced and talented performers, which can be safely attributed to the star of the world stage Eros Ramazotti.
Eros Ramazotti is from Rome and was born at the end of October in 1963. He got his name in honor of the Greek god of love and at a very young age became interested in music, and at the age of seven already played the guitar and with the support of his father - wrote his own songs. Eros could not fulfill his dream of studying at the conservatory, since the family was in a difficult financial situation, so the young star had to take accounting courses, instead of the coveted music training.

Music first

But music always wins, in 1981 he participated in the New Voices contest held in Italy and ended up in the finals. Although the victory then went to Fiordaliso and Zucchero, Eros was impossible not to notice. Therefore, the young record company DDD entered into an agreement with him on the release of the song Ad un amico, which was released a year later, but did not attract enough attention.

Only with the appearance in his life of a mentor Renato Brioche, did the singer succeed. The star of Eros began climbing in 1984 with the song Terra promessa, with which he participated in the festival and won a debut competition, as a result of which the song, performed by Ramazotti, was heard all over Europe.

A year later, the single from the first album “Una storia importante” became popular in many countries, and the second album, released in 1986, Nuovi eroi, won platinum status in Switzerland and gold in Germany. For the third time, speaking at the San Remo Festival, he won by performing the song Adesso tu. In the same year, as a participant in the concert, Ramazotti visited the USSR. With increasing popularity, the tour began, the first trip took place in 1987, the reason was the release of albums in two languages, Italian and Spanish, in the future they will become the tool on which most of the songs from 11 albums of Eros will be written. World popularity came to the singer in the 90s, with the fifth album called In ogni senso. Then there was a full house at a concert in New York and participation in several American TV shows. Meanwhile, the previously released album received the title of gold and platinum around the world. A year later, in 1991, I saw a double live concert, then there was a successful experiment with albums filled with flowing melodies in the style of ballads. Two years later, the album Tutte storie was released - one of the most successful in the artist’s discography. From 1995 to the 2000s, the world was finally submissive to the beautiful voice of Eros Ramazotti. This time was filled with creativity and work, and of course tremendous success.

During his creative work, lasting nearly 25 years, Eros Ramazotti reached unprecedented heights of success by recording eleven studio albums, three compilations, minien, three full concert albums and more than forty singles, each of which was heard and appreciated by the singer's fans at different points of the world. He collaborated with such stars as Tina Turner, Andrea Bocelli, Cher, Elton John, Celentano and many others. The number of records sold and, without jokes, more than 100 million eloquently speaks of his success.

Since 2006, Eros Ramazotti is the commander of the Order of Merit for Italy. And in 20011 in Germany he was awarded the prize as the best international performer.

A curious fact about Ramazotti sends to childhood when he, at the age of 9, starred as an actor in the movie Amarkord. Eros is also seriously interested in football and participated in the soccer game of the Italian singers team. And in 2008, during an award at the Beijing Olympics, he sang the song Per me per semper.

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