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Eljey, hip-hop artist
Eljey (Alexei Uzenyuk) is a Russian hip-hop performer, originally from Novosibirsk. He became famous, thanks to the track 'Rose wine', which he performed together with Feduk.

Eljey, hip-hop artist

Eljey, hip-hop artist


Eljey - a new page of Russian rap

If you ask fans of rap, than knows Novosibirsk, then any of them will immediately name the talented rapper known under the pseudonym Eljey.

Alexey was born (this is his real name) on July 9, 1994 in an ordinary Russian family. At school he studied medium, but his parents did not upset his behavior. After finishing 9 classes, I decided to continue my education in a medical college, which also turned out to be not like a future rapper. The only thing that really fascinated Alexei is rap. With this musical direction, he collided at the age of 13 and was stunned, having visited one of the local rap battles.

The beginning of the way

Taking the pseudonym Aljey, namely, so the boy signed his graffiti on the walls of the houses of his native Novosibirsk, Alexei began to work hard on his own style, seeking inspiration in everyday life. Actively participated in live battles and on the Internet.

However, considering the battles as a waste of time, the young rapper bets on tracks and lyrics in which his future fans must find and recognize themselves, their lives and typical problems.

Studying in college and work-earnings were very distracting from music, and they were quickly finished with them. According to the musician, he finds his self-expression in creativity, and "university, work is for those who have nothing to say to people."

Influence on the teenage rendered by such performers as The Chemodan, Triagrutriku, Rem Digga. However, in his work Eljey mixes different styles and it is difficult to call him a pure rapper.

First success

Alexei Uzenyuk made his debut in 2014 with an explosive album "Boshki smoke". This was preceded by a long climb to recognition and popularity.

The first tracks Alexey recorded on the home equipment and put in the social network VKontakte. Later, after moving to Moscow, fate smiled to the beginning performer in the person of Nikolai Fomin, whom he met at the backstage of the concert of Max Korzh.

In 2013, the mini-album Goundez, recorded together with the rapper Malom - singled Alexei out of the total mass of rap artists and he was noticed. Successful debut "Bozhki smoke" has cemented his position.

The next album "Cannon", was released in 2015, eight tracks of which have left indifferent already many fans of the Novosibirsk rapper. In February 2016 saw the release of the album Catacombs. But the prolific author had something to say to his fans and in the middle of September a single Disconnect was presented on iTunes, which the rapper recorded along with Kravts.

Next, in October of the same year, there is another disc - Sayonara Boy. The album could be found in iTunes, where he won the second line in the Russian chart, as well as listen to Apple Music.

Change of image and style

With the first tour, the appearance of rapper Elgeya changed. If before he looked like his guy from the party, then the image change brought a modern gloss. A kind of eerie image is attached to special lenses, covering the eyes with white. With the new image the style of performance changed, it remotely resembled a zeph-band from South Africa "Die Antwoord".

Another disc - Sayonara Boy ろ, was recorded in 2017, by this time there were already 5 recognizable albums in the music box of Uzenyuk.

Also a clip was released for the song Ragged Jeans. In August 2017, the audience presented a track of Pink Wine, recorded together with the performer Feduk, and immediately conquered the tops of the Russian charts.

Composition Rose wine has become the most popular in the social network VKontakte. During the year she was listened to more than two hundred million times, which resulted in the VK Music Awards.

In general, the joint creativity with Fedor Insarov (Feduk), despite the conflict due to the sequence of names for the video, gave good results. This mega popular composition has become the foundation of Elgea's recognition on the scale of Russia.

In 2017 rapper Eljey was at the peak of popularity. To buy a ticket to Elgeya and watch the rapper live, more and more people were eager to see it. For a year the musician has given concerts in 49 cities in the different countries.

Also in late 2017, he launched his own label. Within the framework of which the Ukrainian group from Odessa, Black Cinema, began to study. At the same time, there was a new single by Elgea - Minimal.

Successes off the stage

During the year, the rapper not only writes texts and composes music. In the same year, Aljey was chosen the face of a new series of perfume from the high fashion house Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit De L'homme Intense.

By the way, in his songs, Aljey often uses mate, it sounds in the new single of Alcea - 360. It's worth remembering, going to download Elgeya and cut into full volume.

Also the musician has an excellent assistant in the promotion under the nickname Dani CHOCO - this is his own brother Danila. He is engaged in the management of Elgea groups in social networks and instagram, and also puts on YouTube channel video and music.

About the personal life rapper does not like to spread. This page of his biography is full of blank spots. But according to rumors in the network and media reports, Eljey and TV presenter Nastya Ivleva are meeting. The reason for the appearance of these rumors was their joint photograph, laid out in the Instagram.

Speech rapper always causes a flurry of admiration from his fans. And the concerts of rapper Elgeya in Moscow are held at full notice. Undisputed hits Alzeya "Suzuki" and "Ragged jeans" are always on hearing among admirers of his style and Russian rap.

And if someone else is tormented by the question: how did the boy, Lesha Uzenyuk from Novosibirsk, become a popular hip-hop artist? It is worth to buy a ticket and see Elgeya personally. Especially since the tour in support of the new album of 2018, Sayonara Boy X is already in full swing.

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