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Anna Netrebko, opera singer
Opera diva Anna Netrebko, the owner of a unique soprano, is today known throughout the world. The singer, who with her charisma and beauty was able to make even the most indifferent listeners fall in love with the classics.

Anna Netrebko, opera singer

Anna Netrebko, opera singer

Anna Netrebko, opera singer

Biography and career of Anna Netrebko

Opera diva Anna Netrebko, the owner of a unique soprano, is today known throughout the world. The singer, who with her charisma and beauty was able to make even the most indifferent listeners fall in love with the classics. People of all ages and social statuses strive to get to her concerts, because Netrebko is the golden voice of the 19th century.

Since childhood, I have a passion for music

The singer was born in the city of Krasnodar, on September 18, 1971. The child was brought up in a family of Don Cossacks, where the baby could hear the parents singing every day. Of course, this was not a professional performance, but more of a hobby for father and mother, but parents managed to instill a daughter with a love of music in early childhood. When Anna went to school, she was invited to perform in a school ensemble, where she soon became a soloist. The children's choir "Kuban Pioneer" was known in many cities of the country. Young talents performed not only in the local recreation center, but also toured with concerts throughout Russia.

Youth and career start

From the age of ten, Netrebko was already sure that her profession would be related to singing and music. After school, Anna enters the music school in St. Petersburg. Her teacher was the incomparable TB The swan, thanks to which Netrebko just fell in love with vocals. Two years later, realizing that it was time to increase the level of musical knowledge, Anya entered the St. Petersburg Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatory. Teachers already at the audition realized that they were facing the future prima donna of the opera.

Since 1990, the girl studied on the course Novichenko T.D. Taking part in the vocal competition in Smolensk, Anna took first place, impressing all the jury members with her talent. People’s artist Irina Arkhipova also paid attention to the young singer. This event played a decisive role in the career of a young vocalist.

Suggestions for cooperation poured before the end of the conservatory. The artist of the Mariinsky Theater invited the girl to an audition, which she easily passed, having received the main role in the production of “The Wedding of Figaro” on the same day. Literally during the year, Netrebko becomes the leading soloist of the Mariinsky. Touring different cities and countries, sold out at concerts, Anna easily gains public recognition.

From the famous singer to prima opera

The performance in 2002, staged by War and Peace at the Metropolitan Opera, became a landmark for the singer. Full halls, full houses and enthusiastic listeners. Netrebko acquired the status of the world star of the opera. Then came the party in Don Giovanni at the Salzburg festival and a little later the main role in the film about Anna Netrebko's Princess Diary 2.

The opera divas standing applaud the full halls of Peter, New York, Vienna and many other major cities. Two discs were released, the singer sings to the accompaniment of the most famous musicians.

The highlight of the performance in Baden-Baden

The singer is used to impressing her audience not only with beautiful singing, but also with inimitable acting skills. Operetta "Judith" the audience will remember forever. Arriving in euphoria and fully accustomed to the role, Anna, stepping back from the script, allowed herself to completely throw out her emotions outside. Arriving in the image of Judith, Netrebko threw flowers at the audience, ruffled the violinist for the stripes, and then, having thrown off her shoes, she began to dance barefoot. The audience was absolutely delighted with such a performance.

Personal life

The singer’s first civil marriage was unsuccessful, the young people could not legitimize their relationship because of the formalities associated with the documents of the boyfriend. In this union, Anna had a son. In 2015, Netrebko married Azerbaijani opera singer Yusif Eyvazov. The scale of this wedding was known in all world media news.

The family has been living in Australia for four years. Since 2018, a couple of Netrebko and Eyvazov have been touring with joint concerts. In October 2019, a concert of Eyvazov and Anna Netrebko will be held in St. Petersburg.

The opera prima donna says she has found happiness in her beloved man and child. Anna claims that the most important thing in a relationship is mutual understanding and respect. A beautiful woman who is pleasant to look at, who is pleasant to listen to, continues to captivate listeners with her attractiveness and unique voice.

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