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Olimpiyskiy Avenue, 16/2

SC Olympic
Sports Complex, Concert Hall, Moscow, Prospekt Mira metro station

SC Olympic, расписание мероприятий

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SC Olympic

SC Olympic

The Olympic Sports Palace Moscow knows about football matches, which are often held in its sports arena.

However, the Olympic Sports Complex is a venue for not only sporting events and competitions, but a well-equipped modern venue for concert programs, performances and shows, both domestic stars and outstanding artists of the world music scene.

The sports complex on Prospekt Mira immediately catches the eye with the fundamental nature of the building and the atypical architectural solution.

In SC Olympic includes a covered with a special membrane roof stadium and swimming pool for swimming. Built in the 80th year and open on the day of the beginning of the 22nd Olympic Games in Moscow, it is still essentially a unique and largest indoor sports complex in Europe.

In the arena, depending on the needs, several types of coating can be used - special synthetic carpet, in the form of a treadmill, and also with the help of ice it can be transformed into an icy field, which, by the way, allows to hold competitions in winter sports.

It should be noted that the main arena of the Olympic can accommodate more than thirty thousand visitors, which is especially important during large-scale sports competitions and various shows. The Olympic Hall is also designed for simultaneous holding several events, you can split the arena in half with a huge, with an eight-storey house, a special soundproof partition consisting of 26 panels.

For many years the bill of SC Olympic has been full of various sports events. In the arena of the sports complex there were boxing fights, basketball and volleyball games, hockey matches on ice and grass, competitions in martial arts. The history of the hall knew a lot of loud sports victories. Many stars of national and world sports competed and performed in this place.

Since 1982, music concerts and performances have started on the arena of the complex. Since then it was possible to purchase tickets for concerts of popular domestic and foreign bands and performers. Rockers from Uriah Heep first performed at the Olympic Sports Complex in 1987 and became the first foreign rock band touring in the Union. Then there were concerts of Pink Floyd, Nazareth, Black Sabbath and many other music bands. Tours of musicians in the Olympic and today are held on a large scale and enjoy the constant interest from the audience.

Has SC Olympic official website, where there is a scheme of the stands, you can see the schedule of concerts and, after making a choice of seats in the hall, buy tickets.

The cost of a concert ticket depends on the popularity of the artist or group, and the price of tickets increases depending on where exactly the seat is located. On the official website of SC Olympic you can see all the announcements of the concerts and the exact schedule of speeches, as well as go to the page of the site where the circuit of the hall with seats is located and choose the suitable one.

Also how much is the ticket for the event you can specify, directly on the spot, at the ticket offices of the complex, where tickets for the concerts of the stars are sold.

Numerous sports and concert photos of the Olympic always lays online on the page of your site.

The place where the sports complex is located is located next to the historical zone of the capital of Russia. The question of how to get to the metro is solved by itself, since the Olympic is located near the metro Prospekt Mira.

To SC Olympic approaches are convenient for motorists. On how to drive a car or how to park, you can see on the site, where the map has a map of travel. There is also a special and useful for visitors sections Navigation on the sports complex and Information for car owners, where you can specify the location of the necessary objects inside the complex or learn the rules of entry into its territory. For people with disabilities, the Olympic parking places are free of charge.

For other visitors on cars the paid automated access system is provided. The rules for visiting the sports complex are standard and imply their rigorous execution.

Address of the sports complex: Moscow, Olimpiysky Prospekt 16, building 1 and 2. Any questions can be asked on the multi-channel phone.

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