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Kamergersky pereulok, 3

The Moscow art theatre A. P. Chekhov
Theatrical hall, Moscow, metro station Pushkinskaya, Tverskaya, Chekhovskaya

The Moscow art theatre A. P. Chekhov, расписание мероприятий

Как проехать (адрес, схема проезда)

The Moscow art theatre A. P. Chekhov

The Moscow art theatre A. P. Chekhov

Theater in Kamergerskiy Lane or simply Moscow Art Theater. AP Chekhov, is famous throughout the world and has many great theater premieres and productions. The history of the theater began in the distant 1898, when two outstanding theatrical geniuses Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko laid his solid foundation, founded the Moscow Art Theater.

During its existence, the Moscow Art Theater. AP Chekhov experienced many ups and downs. The theater, initially oriented towards a democratic spectator, adheres to this principle until now, finds many admirers.

Glorified him such performances as Woe from Wit, Bluebird, Hamlet, but the real Mkhatova drama began with the productions of A. P. Chekhov.

Acted on the stage, many eminent artists - O. Yakovleva, A. Leontiev, A. Pokrovskaya, V. Krasnov, M. Golub, K. Khabensky, M. Porechenkov and others.

The playbill of the art theater and now shows an extensive repertoire. All concerts in the Moscow Art Theater are also often given by famous artists.

After watching the schedule of performances and today the guests of the theater will be convinced that the Moscow Art Theater. AP Chekhov lives a full-blooded life and he has something to offer the discerning audience.

Tickets for performances are always in demand and viewers try to get to the best places in the hall to get as much as possible into the theatrical performance and not to miss a single movement on the stage.

The choice of a place in a hall is influenced by the price of tickets, after all cost of the ticket on performance increases depending on an arrangement of a viewing armchair and a panorama opening from it.

Is the Moscow Art Theater. Chekhov's official website, where you can not only see announcements, premieres at the Moscow Art Theater and the schedule of performances, but also see how much a ticket is worth for an event, and also to buy tickets online.

Since the sale of tickets is done in advance, the average price for tickets is clearly visible on the theater's offsert. Scheme of the hall with places gives an idea of ​​finding a place in the hall.

The site has an exact address where the theater and telephone are located, as well as a photo of the Art Theater.

Rules for attending the theater are standard. You can not violate public order, cause inconvenience to others and carry forbidden items, it is necessary not to litter and be extremely polite. Also visitors should find out where the wardrobe is located, where it will be necessary to hand over outerwear.

Get to the Moscow Art Theater. Chekhov by car can be from the Garden Ring, while it is necessary to move out of the main road in the area of ​​the Sadovo-Kudrinskaya street to Tverskaya Street, and continue driving by car along Okhotny Ryad Street, and then along the large Dmitrovka to Kamergersky Lane.

It should be noted that parking near the theater is not provided, therefore, the theatergoers who came by car will have to look for parking on their own. You can find a parking place for a car at B. Dmitrovka before reaching Kamergersky Lane or park in the Tverskaya Street and walk to the theater.

To the day of the premiere or concert do not ask the passersby how to drive by car to the Moscow Art Theater or how to park it is worth looking at the map on the map.

How to get on the metro to the Moscow Art Theater know all the Muscovites. This is the Pushkinskaya-Tverskaya-Chekhovskaya metro station. Nevertheless, it is worth recalling that the stations closest to the theater - the Theater and Okhotny Ryad, coming out at these stations can be reached on foot to the theater in five or seven minutes respectively.

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Как проехать (адрес, схема проезда)

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