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Moscow region, Krasnogorskiy R-n, Krasnogorsk, St. international, d. 20

Crocus City Hall
Concert Hall, Moscow, near metro Myakinino

Crocus City Hall

Crocus City Hall

Crocus City Hall in Moscow - a wonderful concert site will surprise visitors with the magnificence of the halls and the convenience of organizing space. The building, made in the style of hi-tech, and today organically fits into the surrounding landscape.

Luxurious multi-level hall, has excellent acoustics and is equipped with modern lighting equipment, can accommodate more than seven thousand people. The engineering equipment of the hall allows transforming it to hold events of different formats.

It perfectly suits both for holding an exhibition, and for organizing a bright show with thousands of audiences. The repertoire of the events is multifaceted - it includes concerts, operetta and theatrical productions, circus performances and sports fights. Successfully hold dance parties and show programs allows a fairly large dance floor in the stalls.

The history of the origin of Crocus includes the point that the businessman and its owner Araz Agalarov opened this hall, named after the great and unordinary singer Muslim Magomayev, in October 2009. According to the history of construction, the first concert was dedicated to the memory of this outstanding performer.

For all time of existence many stars of domestic and foreign stage performed in this hall. And for today it is one of the most popular and high-tech sites.

Announcements of concerts and schedule of performances of stars can always be viewed on the official site of Crocus, as well as specify the cost of the ticket for the concert and make a choice of seats in the hall, as the layout of the hall is presented on the page of the site. Buy tickets for all events taking place in Crocus, you can not only at the ticket office, tickets are sold online.

The poster will confirm that the concerts of numerous star performers and famous music bands are almost uninterrupted, because they are happy to spend their tours in Crocus.

So Sergey Lazarev and Mikhail Shufutinsky, Bi-2 and Dima Bilan, the band Leningrad and Zemfira performed in this hall. There were concerts of stars from different countries Sting and Elton John, Enrique Iglesias and Joe Cocker, Eros Ramazotti and many others.

The cost of the concert ticket is set by the organizer of the event, but also the price of tickets largely depends on the audience demand. Conveniently, tickets for concerts can be purchased in electronic or paper version.
Coming to concerts, do not break the rules of visiting the institution. You can not violate the public order near the ticket offices or in the places where the schedule of the nearest performances of artists is located, carry with them prohibited items. It is forbidden to view the video and photos, Crocus only allows accredited persons.

The most pleasant thing is that all the parking places in Crocus, located on three levels and capable of accommodating about 6000 vehicles, are free. However, it is worth bearing in mind that parking is only for visitors, and all unrecognized cars will be evacuated by the security service of the entertainment complex.

Go down to the underground car park on the right side of the Aquarium. To visitors do not get lost, there are traffic signs. Entering the underground parking is possible from 7 to 22 hours, leaving the car park is not closed until all the cars have left it.

Parking on the roof of the building is opened, if the two previous types of parking are filled with cars. It is convenient that from any parking you can immediately go to where the exhibition hall or concert venue is located.
As already mentioned parking at Crocus is free, the only exception are parking spaces near the shopping mall "Vegas Crocus City, where after several hours of free time there is an hourly charging for the occupied place.

On the map online there is information on how to get by car or how to get there by metro. The scheme of travel is indicated on the official website of the modern entertainment center. There, on the site, you can see a photo of Crocus.

In Crocus it is very simple and without a transfer to get on the metro, since the metro station Myakinino (Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya line) is located on its territory.

Crocus City Hall, the official site of which is easy to find on the Internet, is located in the Moscow region in the city of Krasnogorsk. Address of the institution: International street, 20. Crocus City Hall is open daily from 10 to 21 hours.

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