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The State Kremlin Palace
Concert Hall, Moscow, Alexandrovsky Garden metro station

The State Kremlin Palace, расписание мероприятий

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Anna Netrebko, Andrea Bocelli, Olga Peretyatko, Yusif Eyvazov The State Kremlin Palace
Moscow The State Kremlin Palace
street Vozdvizhenka, 1
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The State Kremlin Palace

The State Kremlin Palace

Concerts in the Kremlin are always a spectacular and unforgettable event, which not only the Muscovites, but also the guests of the capital, aspire to get.

The Kremlin Palace, the concert hall of which is perfectly suited for holding various events, has long been deservedly popular with artists, and numerous world-famous stars have already performed numerous tours in the Kremlin Palace.

The Kremlin Palace Moscow remembers the party congresses of the CPSU, erected by the decision of Nikita Khrushchev and opened in October 1961, it was built within 16 months in the style of Soviet modernity. The monumentality of the building impresses with its power and luxury of interior decoration, straight and clear lines, mirrors, marble and granite - all underline the important social and political significance of the structure.

And if the KDF poster was mostly full of party schedules, then since 1992 the palace has ceased to be the main venue for the meetings of the Communist Party.

But apart from the site for holding party congresses, the history of the hall knows many examples of beautiful theatrical performances and magnificent concerts. Famous artists of the Soviet theater art appeared in this hall, grandiose performances were staged, traditions of which are continued today.

In the central part of the building there is an auditorium for 6000 seats. The stage of the palace is designed for large-scale performances and productions and can simultaneously accommodate about a thousand artists. On the sides of the stage are special pockets, where with the help of a freight elevator, you can deliver the equipment necessary for a concert or production, as well as scenery and props. The stage has a large stock of modern technical equipment, which allows stage directors to implement the most daring ideas. If necessary, during performances of different orientations, the stage can be transformed into an orchestra pit, in which there is enough space for a large symphony orchestra.

The cost of a concert ticket depends not only on the popularity of performers who will perform in the framework of its conduct, in part this affects the seat in the auditorium, the visibility of the stage and overall comfort.

How much does a ticket for an event cost? There is also a convenient layout of the hall with seats.

Tickets are sold not only online, you can buy tickets at the ticket office of the KDS. You can immediately check the places for events with the cashier, and with the help of a specialist you can make the right choice of place in the hall. There you can find out the schedule of concerts and the main repertoire. Depending on the event, the price of tickets can start from 200 rubles.
It should be remembered that any tickets, including tickets for concerts or ballet tickets, have their own unique code, and to preserve your right to attend the event, it should not become public.

Concerts of the stars take place in the KDS with an enviable regularity, as evidenced by the announcements of the concerts and the schedule of performances. To get to the concert hall in the Kremlin is the dream of many guests of the capital and the poster of the Kremlin Palace presents the best events of the country for any demanding taste. For visitors to the Kremlin Palace there is a convenient online search for nearby events.

To get to the KDS without any problems, on the official website you can see information about where the institution and photo of the KDS are. Get information on how to get to the subway or how to drive by car including, the map of the journey depicted on the map.

If you travel by metro, it is most convenient to get out at the Alexander Garden metro station, since the passage to the events is also carried out through it. Following the signs you can walk to the place where the main ticket office and storage rooms are located, near the Kutafia Tower. Get on the car in the Kremlin Palace, the entrances to which by car are quite convenient, just the more so that inside the garden ring there is a parking lot.

But how to park is better to take care beforehand so as not to look for parking spots in a hurry, being late for the planned event, especially since it is started for 1.5 hours before the start and the latecomers are not allowed to pass.

Do not forget about the rules of visiting. On the territory you can not carry piercing-cutting objects, go in outer clothing and with overall things or suitcases.
Although during photo and video events shooting is prohibited, after visiting the concert it is always pleasant to make a memory of the pleasant impressions received, a photo of the Kremlin Palace.
KDS official site will also provide the exact mailing address: 103132, Moscow, the Kremlin, the State Kremlin Palace and a telephone number for clarification of questions arising from visitors.

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