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Theater Square, 1

Билеты в Bolshoi Theatre

Bolshoi Theatre

Bolshoi Theatre

In the golden crown of the smithies of theatrical art, the State Academic Bolshoi Theater of Russia shines brightly at the most honorable place. The Bolshoi Theater is a melting pot of talents and a mirror of the theatrical life of the modern capital.

The theater began its life even under Tsarist Russia, and despite all the hardships that have fallen to its lot, it still remains a worthy shrine to the Muses. The Bolshoi Theater Moscow remembered in the harsh years of the Great Patriotic War, when in such incredibly difficult conditions the performances of the artists did not cease, supporting the spirit of the citizens and defenders.

The history of the theater is closely intertwined with the history of the city itself and of Russia and is dear to the heart of inveterate theatergoers. In different years on the stage of the theater there were famous artists whose names speak for themselves - F. Shalyapin, L. Sobinova, A. Nezhdanova, ballerinas - G. Ulanova, S. Zakharov.

The theater includes several scenes. This is an old scene - the main one, a new stage and the Beethoven Hall.

The new stage is the opera and ballet theater, which is part of the complex of the Bolshoi Theater facilities. The building of the new stage was built for seven years, beginning in 1995, and was inaugurated in 2002. This modern building is distinguished by the refinement of the interior decoration and the beautifully thought out technical and sound equipment of the hall and the stage. During the reconstruction of the big stage - the new took over the entire repertoire of the Bolshoi Theater. The choice of a place in the hall will be easy, because thanks to the special construction of the building there is a maximum number of spectator seats without visibility restriction.

The big stage is one of the most luxurious and pompous theater halls, accommodating the largest number of spectators among theaters of the country. The old scene, the main scene - is the historical legacy of the theater. A small, only 320 seats, the Beethoven Hall impresses with its unique acoustics and is used for concert programs and solo performances, author's evenings.

For the years of its existence the Bolshoi Theater has experienced much - fires that destroyed its buildings, revolutions and wars. The repertoire of the theater is colossal on its stage was delivered more than 800 works.

Star tours at the Bolshoi Theater are always an event that goes beyond the ordinary holiday - it is a magnificent fusion of theatrical, ballet art, giving fantastic and unforgettable sensations to the audience. Therefore, to buy tickets for a premiere or a concert, in view of the excessive popularity of the latter, it is sometimes not easy enough.

On the site of the theater you can always find fresh announcements for all the premieres in the Bolshoi, as well as the schedule of performances by artists who conduct concerts in the Bolshoi Theater, specify the schedule of the performances.

Full information on how tickets are sold is also available on the official website, where you can see the average price of tickets and buy tickets.

The price of tickets depends on the popularity of the event and can vary from a hundred to fifteen thousand rubles. Also the cost of the ticket for the performance is influenced by the location of the spectator's place or lodge, as can be seen by looking at the layout of the hall with seats.

How much does the ticket cost can be specified both at the box office of the theater and online.

It is worth remembering that regardless of whether you have purchased tickets for performances, tickets for ballet tickets or opera tickets, the rules of sale remain unified.

The Bolshoi Theater, whose official website can be quickly found on the Internet, does not stand still, it dynamically develops, offering both to its visitors and users of the site the most reliable information.

In general, the Bolshoi Theater poster is a kind of a cut-off of the cultural life of the capital.

For the Muscovites and guests of the capital, the photos of the Bolshoi Theater, as well as the photos of the Kremlin Palace, will be a pleasant reminder of those unforgettable minutes spent in their walls and moments of enjoyment, not only a theatrical or concert action, but also an excellent example of high architectural art. Also by the efforts of the theater's employees, interesting excursions to the historic building are held.

The question of how to get to the metro is not difficult to solve. The buildings of the theater are located on the Theater Square in the very center of the capital. Therefore, it is necessary to go to the metro station Teatralnaya by metro and then go to the theater or at Okhotny Ryad (exit towards Teatralnaya Square).

You can also check online how to get by car or how to park. The map can be viewed on the map. By the way, near the Bolshoi Theater there is a low-cost paid ground-based parking lot around the clock, but there are seats for only 46 cars. If everyone is busy near the Bolshoi, do not despair near there are a few more parking lots. Moving on foot for a landmark, you can take the square of Marx, as the monument is directly opposite the Bolshoi Theater.

The rules for attending the theater are standard: there are no prohibited items, it is also worthwhile to specify where the wardrobe is, if you came in outer clothing.

The address and telephone number, as well as where the theater itself is located, can be viewed on the official website.

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